Tuggerah Regional Sporting Complex

Sports construction company, Sportszone Group, has resurfaced eight five-a-side courts and two seven-a-side courts at Soccer 5’s. This complex is located in Tuggerah on the Central Coast.

When it comes to developing five-a-side soccer centers, Sportzone Group can't be beaten for specialist knowledge and experience. Soccer5s can be safe in the knowledge that they'll get access to the latest technology, regulation pitch dimensions, and the freshest turf systems.

The Soccer5s' aim is to create an empire of soccer centers across Australia. Naturally, Sportzone Group have a fundamental role to play in making this vision a reality. By the time Sportzone Group are done, Soccer5s will be famous for their high-quality pitches and state of the art resources. The best way to describe these surfaces is by comparing them to those used in Europe. These are just like the training facilities top European football clubs have access to.

This project is a big deal to Sportzone Group for two reasons. Firstly, Soccer5s are renowned for being the all-time best small-sided soccer complex. Sportzone Group are proud of the phenomenal synthetic football pitches we installed for Soccer5s merely eight years ago. Naturally, Sportzone Group were happy to come back and complete another project.

Secondly, Soccer5s are hoping to host a summer full of football, bigger than ever before. The plan is to make the user experience the best it can possibly be. These fresh new pitches will play a massive role in that.

Five-a-side soccer is a game that originated in Scotland and increased in popularity throughout the UK. It's now one of the most popular activities for people to regularly participate in. This is probably because five-a-side football is the perfect pastime for those looking for a fast and fun sport to get their teeth into. Players can develop their footwork skills as well as improve their spatial awareness. One of the reasons why this game has majorly taken off is because participants vary in both age and skill set. So, anyone can give five-a-side soccer a go. For all these reasons, Sportzone Group is excited to give the people of Tuggerah the perfect place for a good old game of five-a-side soccer!