Tree Removal Regulations Randwick Council

Tree Removal Regulations Randwick Council

Do you need a tree pruned or removed in Randwick City? If you’re planning to do this, there are some important rules you must follow. Council manages the trees throughout the area and provides information specifying when you can prune or remove trees.

Randwick City Public Land
Council is responsible for the trees found on public land. This includes parks, streets, open spaces and reserves. They ensure all rules are followed regarding the pruning, removal and other types of work performed on trees in these areas.

Randwick City Private Land
A Local Environmental Plan, or (LEP), as well as a Development Control Plan (DCP), have been put into place to protect most species of trees found on private property. If you wish to have a tree pruned or removed from your own property, you’ll need to apply for a permit or development consent.

The state also has an Environmental Planning Policy, or (Vegetation SEPP), that governs when and how you submit an application for the approval to prune or remove trees located on private land. You will also need official consent from Council to perform these tasks. Trees that can be pruned or removed include:
  • Any size cycad or tree fern found on your property
  • All palm trees excluding Cocos palms
  • Any trees that are hollow bearing
  • Any tree located on public land
  • Any tree found in recognised bushland
You are also required to received Council’s consent when working with trees that are a height of six meters or more, a canopy width of four or more meters, a single trunk circumference one meter or more at a meter off the ground and a combined multi-trunk circumference of one meter or more when measured around the girth of all trunks and at no more than one meter off the ground in height.

If you live within a Heritage Conservation Area or if the tree you wish to prune or remove forms part of a Heritage Item, you will need to request development consent. This is also true if the tree forms a part of an Aboriginal object, is located within an area of heritage significance or if it is listed on the Council’s Register of Significant Trees.

Tree works to be conducted on land listed on the State Heritage List will also require development consent. If the pruning is minor and will not affect amenity or heritage significance, you only need to submit an application for a tree permit.

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