Tree Removal Regulations Waverley Council

Tree Removal Regulations Waverley Council

Does a tree on your property need to be pruned or removed? If so, there are things you should know before such a task is performed.

You may be required to apply for a tree permit, or in some cases submit a development application. This will be necessary if your tree is:
  • Five meters or more high with a trunk width of at least 300mm at ground level
  • A canopy spread of at least five meters and trunk width of at least 300mm near the ground
  • Found on the Significant Tree Register of the Waverley Council
  • Is listed as a Heritage Item or forms part of such an item

Submitting the Correct Application
Knowing which form to submit is important and will save you time. For most trees in Waverley, an application is required for a tree permit.

If your tree is located in an area of Heritage Conservation, listed as significant on the Tree Register or considered as a heritage item, you’ll need to complete a development application when requesting major pruning works. The same is true for removal that will impact the heritage status of the tree, heritage conservation area or heritage item itself.

Even if your tree falls into the development application category, you can still submit a tree permit application. A tree management officer from the Council will assess your request and determine if a development application is needed.

How Trees Are Inspected and Assessed
Tree inspections are performed by a highly qualified Council arborist who will provide a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) to determine the tree’s health, structure and current condition. Other criteria include:
  • How pruning will affect the health of the tree
  • The tree’s amenity, cultural and environmental value
  • Whether it is located within three meters from a residence, main building or significant structure
  • Whether the form or shape of the tree is good or poor
  • Whether the tree has caused damage to a building, ancillary structure, water main or sewer, and whether alternatives to remedy the damage have been explored
  • Whether other vegetation has been planted nearby and if appropriate species can be planted to replace the tree

After the initial inspection and assessment are carried out, the information they reveal will be submitted as part of the tree permit application. All photographed or documented history pertaining to the tree should be submitted and will help provide a clearer, more concise assessment.