Design Ideas for uPVC Windows and Doors

Design Ideas for uPVC Windows and Doors

uPVC Windows and Doors also commonly known as “vinyl windows and doors” just landed in Australia. Although it is well established in countries like Europe and America, it is just making its way to the Aussie market.

What’s the hype all about?

There are many benefits in using uPVC windows and doors, but the most essential is that its cost and energy efficiency is like no other. In terms of cost efficiency, uPVC windows and doors are low maintenance and can be washed with soap and water and unlike aluminium and timber uPVC does not erode. This product also has a great leverage when it comes to warranty, it can go up to 25 years. As a non-conductive material, uPVC window and door frames does not transfer heat therefore conserves energy by contributing to the consistent temperature for a building. Combining uPVC frames and double glazing would create a great combo for highly energy efficient homes.

You’re set on purchasing uPVC, what’s next?

Since uPVC is dimensionally stable, its high strength makes it ideal for limitless applications. Whether you want to purchase a stock or customised product it is important to have ideas on where to install it for maximum efficiency. Here are a couple of design ideas you might want to consider.

Bedroom Window

Bedroom area is a great place to install large windows to optimise natural light and of course if you have the view utilise it.

Lounge Room

There's nothing better than a well lit lounge room especially when you live with this kind of view. Natural light in the living area makes the room feel bigger basking in light and positive energy.


Everyone wants to eat and enjoy time with the family in a bright and inviting kitchen and dinning area. Give your kitchen an ample amount of light like this with the use of massive windows to let the sun in.

For Your Quiet Corner

Whether your quiet corner is in your living room or bedroom, consider putting a big window. Not only will it conserve energy when you want to read in the day but who doesn't want to chill and relax with this view.

Kitchen Sliding Door

This is also a great trick so you can watch over the kids playing in the yard while making the snacks.

Living Room French Door

For the uninterrupted view, glass french doors would go well in the living room.

Stacking Doors

Convenient if you like throwing parties and barbecues. Stacking doors makes the kitchen or living room an instant open area with out disruption.

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