Glazing, which one is perfect for your new home?

Glazing, which one is perfect for your new home?

Glazing, which one is perfect for your new home?

Glass or also known as glazing is a vital part in creating thermal comfort for your new home (newly renovated or newly built). Choosing the correct glazing and frame is one to ponder upon. In creating thermal comfort - which can also be cost efficient in the long run, air temperature of surrounding surfaces must be taken into great consideration. The main objective is to achieve an inside glass surface as close as possible to the desired room air temperature.
According to, selecting the right glazing can be critical in improving the overall energy efficiency of your home. There are specific products that are created to keep heat in or out and have different impacts on lighting, acoustics, maintenance and security.

Air Movement
Heat is transferred through the openings of your house weather it may be windows or doors. Air moves through the gaps around operable sashes, from outside to inside or vice versa. The homeowner can control this by installing good seals in between the moving sashes and around the frames.

Types of Glazing
Here are different kinds of glazing for you to choose from.

Toned Glass
This type of glazing as the name says itself is toned there for it has been manufactured with colour or tones that usually comes in bronze, grey, blue and green. The different colours can provide different SHGC (Solar Heat Gain) and TVw. Body tinting does not change the U-value of the glass conductivity is unaffected by the presence of a pigment in the glass.

Low Emissivity Glass (Low-E Glass)
This type of glazing has either a vacuum-deposited thin film metal coating or s pyrolytic coating. The vacuum-deposited coatings are soft, for protection and longevity they must only be deployed inside an insulating glass cavity. Pyrolytic coatings are baked onto the surface in the factory while the glass is still hot to make it hard and durable. Soft and hard coatings are available in products for use in both high and low transmission applications.
  • High transmission/low-e glass has a coating that allows daylight from the sun to pass into the house but reduces the amount of the long wavelength infrared heat that can escape through the window.
  • Low transmission/low-e glass has a coating that reduces the amount of solar heat gain while still maintaining good levels of visible light transmission.

Laminated Glass
This type of glass has a plastic layer, called interlayer, to improve impact resistance. This interlayer is placed between two sheets of glass in order to reduce the danger of the glass breaking and forming long dangerous shards. This type of glazing will best suit places that are prone to human impact injuries, like the bathroom, staircases and areas close to the floor.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)
This type are the combination of two or more glazing layers sealed with a gap between the layers. Multiple layers of glass can be assembled with sealed cavities between each sheet. The performance of IGUs depends on the properties of each layer of glass and the width of the cavity, seal type and content of the cavities between the glass layers.

Secondary Glazing (Double Glazed)
Allows single-glazed windows to be retrofitted with a transparent acrylic or glass sheet attached to the inside of the frame or operable sash via a secondary frame or magnetic strips. This creates an air space between the glass and the acrylic layer which reduced the U-value and air infiltration.

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