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1 month1 monthalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Need help with kitchen colour selection

Hey, Nuri! the tiles design you have selected is really awesome but you should change the color of tiles to the golden brown. With time, white looks dirty whereas golden…

1 month1 monthalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Suggestion needed for Kitchen

Hello Friends,
I want to change my kitchen's old looks. Please suggest me what should i do Respray or remodelling?
Thank you.

1 month1 monthalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Can anyone please tell me best company for kitchen respray i

Hello friends, please help me to choose the best company for respraying my kitchen cabinet...

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Which color is suitable for kitchen cupboard?

Hello guys! I want to respray my kitchen. The color of my kitchen is too old. So I want to change it immediately. Any suggestions you would like to share…

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
New build - Repairs - touch ups - builder tips

Hello guys! There are many companies available on the market, you can search over internet. I would like to share one best company I am familiar with “All Surface Respray”.…

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
How can I remove the dark spots from new resprayed kitchen ?

Can anyone tell me how can I remove the dark spots from newly resprayed kitchen? Kindly share your views.

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Urgent Help with Paint Colours!

Hello! Every person provided best views but if you still have any doubt then you can take advice from experts working in any organizations. I would like to suggest…

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Anyone Resprayed Kitchen recently?

Hello guys! Has anyone done kitchen respray recently? Actually, I want to respray my kitchen and bathroom and want to know your views about colors, what color could be suitable…

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Kitchen cupboard help please

Ghost gum is the best option to laminate kitchen cupboards and I am happy with this color, as I done same color in my kitchen.

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Which colour is best for kitchens?

Hi Campbell! Thanks for your response. I think gray white color is a good combination for kitchen paint. What you think?

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Cupboards Or Drawers?

I beg to differ, Cupboards are better over drawer because of its size as well as capacity. We can put more luggage in cupboards, however in the drawers…

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
Which colour is best for kitchens?

Can anyone share respray kitchen experience with me. What colours are best for kitchens? I am waiting for your replies. Thanks

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
wall issue?

Which side of wall you are talking about? I think it is good and tiles are also seems fine. If you think that something is wrong then try to consult…

2 months2 monthsalbertseanalbertsean posted:
How to remove spray paint from floor

Mineral spirits or a stain remover is the best option to remove extra paint. I have used mineral spirit in past. Within 5 minutes all paint spots were gone. Yes…

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