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4 h4 harcadeltarcadelt posted:
Mirrored Internal Doors

I imagine any company that makes doors with a glass insert could replace that with a mirror, although mirrors on both sides would be more difficult. I think that price…

10 h10 harcadeltarcadelt posted:
Mirrored Internal Doors

What do you mean by mirrored doors? Are they just doors with mirrors on them?

3 d3 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Double Glazing Advise

We partially replaced windows with double glazing in one house and have used double-glazing in our new build. Before you spend any money on expensive windows, the first thing you…

3 d3 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Daydream 32 - Styling Ideas

A lot of white-on-white and neutrals going on there. Not a bad canvass, but needs some colour. I see you have a young kid (highchair), but a rug under the…

4 d4 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
External Shading and low-e or film coating

As I understand it, Low-e allows or reduces transmission of solar heat, so if the window is already shaded the only benefit might be to hold infra-red heat inside.

6 d6 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Any tips on how to design your electrical plan?

As I understand it you are limited with the types of lights you can use in a project home, although if you are using a small builder your situation might…

7 d7 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Any tips on how to design your electrical plan?

Project home or custom/architect design?

8 d8 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Review of layout for home extension

Can you post a picture of the front of the existing house.

9 d9 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Slab down - takes up most of yard?

A tape measure doesn’t lie. Are the measurement matching your plans?

9 d9 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Rainwater tank issues

Surprised there is staining from rainwater. It shouldn’t have any impurities, so they might be coming from the roof or the system. Are you in or out of town? Is…

9 d9 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Regrouting entire bathrooms

I have not, but I suspect it would depend on the tiles, the gaps between them and the method used to remove the grout. Rectified tiles typically have very small…

11 d11 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Kitchen Design - Need Extra Set of Eyes

Looks OK to me.
300mm overhang limit is mentioned on Whirlpool, so might be a common number. Check on the website of the company providing your benchtop material.

15 d15 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Aluminium v Basswood Plantation Shutters

Try for yourself. Put a piece of aluminium and timber outside in the sun or cold and see which conducts the temperature, rather than insulates. I think you'll find metal…

15 d15 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Bricks vs cladding

First stop for any potential home owner, especially those considering building, should be the Government's website (or book). There it says:
have low thermal resistance and therefore relatively poor…

16 d16 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Ideas on how to remodel front porch

I'm not a builder, so cost will not feature in my response.
I like your house, as it has a nice charm, and I especially like how the ends of the…

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16 d16 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Laying very old recycled bricks

Are you just using the bricks for the decorative parts, such as the mantle, header, legs and trim panels, or for the firebox and buildout too? If the latter too,…

16 d16 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Ideas on how to remodel front porch

You'd need to provide many more photos, showing the area from different angles to get any meaningful response. Also, tell us whether the driveway is still used?

16 d16 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Young family - tiles or timber laminate (by accent carpet ra

Neither. If you are truly worried about warmth/softness for the baby/toddler and resistance to scratching I would suggest vinyl. It’s not the product of the 1970s, and is available in…

17 d17 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Slab showing between front door and porch

Are you sure they are finished with that area?

18 d18 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
installation question

You could use the underlay, but you would notice the difference in sound and sponginess as you walk from the kitchen into the room. A better approach might be to…

19 d19 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Bricks to ground

If you put dirt up against the bricks, make sure they are waterproofed up to the height of the dirt.

19 d19 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Garage and Frond door colors - Please help

I am thinking to go for surfmist for garage. Can I use the same color for front door? I am under a misimpression that color bond colors are differnt from…

20 d20 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Owner build a solar passive house

Are you getting help from an architect, building designer or draftsman that uses Revit, as it has some very good modelling tools for sunlight?

20 d20 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Garage and Frond door colors - Please help

Why not pick the Colorbond colour for the garage door and then just paint the front door the same?

20 d20 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Timber flooring and decking

You may have meant sealing or oiling: staining is adding a colour.

21 d21 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Timber flooring and decking

You’re welcome and thanks.

24 d24 darcadeltarcadelt posted:
Heating for LPG

Electric powered air-to-water heat exchangers (air-source heat pumps) for in-slab hydronic heating. Not cheap to install, but we will be able to generate our own electricity in the future but…

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