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7 d7 daussietaaussieta posted:
Gas Line

sorry if this is a dumb question
what was done to remove gas from old house
couldnt the ouput from the meter be capped
then just have gas fitter run new pipe from…

8 d8 daussietaaussieta posted:
Do apprentices need to be supervised by a qualified builder?

legally they must be supervised by a qualified tradesman
reality is a different story

9 d9 daussietaaussieta posted:
Weird problem with door.

you need a square and a spirit level
you also need to check the spirit level is accurate
your door may be a parrallelogram

12 d12 daussietaaussieta posted:
Fencing - Neighbour doesn’t want to pay for fencing.

i went through this years ago in vic
developer does not have to pay half of fencing
and until land is settled neither does new owner
i was the loser

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14 d14 daussietaaussieta posted:
Constant Water damage from neighbours leaking pool

your house should be able to survive the neighbors pool leaking
the foundations should be above grade
unless your house is built underground i cant see how the water is getting in

2 months2 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Fiberglass Pool Bleaching under the water line

take a wander over to TFP and find out how much you and the pool shop dont know
https://www.troublefreepool.com/content ... e?tabid=40

2 months2 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Garage Door Remote buttons

if you have two doors one will do left and one button the right side
if only one door, one button will not be used
or maybe electric gate

2 months2 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Trees Removal Question

every area has different rules check with your local council

3 months3 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Rude Beaumont Tiles consultant :(

beaumont have branches everywhere go to a different store and tell them why

3 months3 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Concrete pool

dont touch epoxy paint
it only lasts 3-5 years and then you start coming out with blue paint on your hands/feet
and that is being strict with chemical balances

3 months3 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Frame timber type

the blue is termite treated

4 months4 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Swimming Pool Heating: Solar, Heat Pump or Gas

now putting a cover on every night will retain the heat absorbed during the day and is the cheapest to buy and "running cost"
any form of supplemental heating will need…

6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Things you forget - summary page 32

have plumber fit solenoid for shower timer if teenage children spending too long in the shower
my son went in shower, i went shopping, came home over one hour later to…

6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Double oven or two ovens

the under mount ovens are a bit too low for my liking
and definitely get something that you can grill without having to keep swapping and removing racks

6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Things you forget - summary page 32

dont want this thread to get too full but here is the post i was referring to

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6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Things you forget - summary page 32

not my idea but a new post in the forums
have roof trusses designed to take weight loads and updraught of solar panels

6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Getting Ready for Renters


6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Do you regret getting a ceramic cooktop?

i have westinghouse induction ceramic it is one year old and has one noticeable scratch in it
the chef glass electric before looked a hundred years old after 2 years
it gets…

6 months6 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Frames without timber noggings?

i was under the impression that the noggins also served as a fire break to stop the wall cavity acting as a chimney
or is this only in balloon framing

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7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
How to remove this top handle

i agree that puller is cheaper than i remember them to be

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:

the building inspector that frequents this site uses an infrared camera to show missing insulation
even after the plasterboard is up

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
How to remove this top handle

if handle is seized to spline
you will need a helper
one person pull on handle , not hard enough to rip pipes out of wall
second person with hammer and drive to…

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Accessing the attic of a vaulted ceiling

what material is the roofing
can you get in that way
what part of the world are you in
i am guessing usa by the sq ft measurement
i would check all the…

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Back to base alarm systems - conversion to NBN

i requested battery backup on the nbn
then had telstra reconnect phone lines to nbn box
alarm was not affected
alarm company suggested it depended on the alarm model

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7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Need urgent advice about clay soil holding water vs a leak

if it is a leak your hole will completely fill and overflow from the water pressure

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
12.5 wide lot with 'Zero Lot Boundary'. How much I can use?

usually you have to leave one metre from easement
or build a foundation that protects the easement form collapsing if they excavate

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
what is this ?

that is the internal screamer for your security alarm

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7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Draughts from cavity sliding doors

on mine the back of door cavity is against external wall
the back of door frame has some horizontal bracing but you can/could see into house frame
looks like vanity was installed…

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