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4 d4 daussietaaussieta posted:
Do you regret getting a ceramic cooktop?

i have westinghouse induction ceramic it is one year old and has one noticeable scratch in it
the chef glass electric before looked a hundred years old after 2 years
it gets…

4 d4 daussietaaussieta posted:
Frames without timber noggings?

i was under the impression that the noggins also served as a fire break to stop the wall cavity acting as a chimney
or is this only in balloon framing

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9 d9 daussietaaussieta posted:
How to remove this top handle

i agree that puller is cheaper than i remember them to be

12 d12 daussietaaussieta posted:

the building inspector that frequents this site uses an infrared camera to show missing insulation
even after the plasterboard is up

13 d13 daussietaaussieta posted:
How to remove this top handle

if handle is seized to spline
you will need a helper
one person pull on handle , not hard enough to rip pipes out of wall
second person with hammer and drive to…

14 d14 daussietaaussieta posted:
Accessing the attic of a vaulted ceiling

what material is the roofing
can you get in that way
what part of the world are you in
i am guessing usa by the sq ft measurement
i would check all the…

16 d16 daussietaaussieta posted:
Back to base alarm systems - conversion to NBN

i requested battery backup on the nbn
then had telstra reconnect phone lines to nbn box
alarm was not affected
alarm company suggested it depended on the alarm model

18 d18 daussietaaussieta posted:
Need urgent advice about clay soil holding water vs a leak

if it is a leak your hole will completely fill and overflow from the water pressure

20 d20 daussietaaussieta posted:
12.5 wide lot with 'Zero Lot Boundary'. How much I can use?

usually you have to leave one metre from easement
or build a foundation that protects the easement form collapsing if they excavate

20 d20 daussietaaussieta posted:
what is this ?

that is the internal screamer for your security alarm

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26 d26 daussietaaussieta posted:
Draughts from cavity sliding doors

on mine the back of door cavity is against external wall
the back of door frame has some horizontal bracing but you can/could see into house frame
looks like vanity was installed…

26 d26 daussietaaussieta posted:
What is this pipe?

need more info are you on mains sewerage or septic
i would suggest it is a sewer overflow relief gully

1 month1 monthaussietaaussieta posted:
build new house then demolish old =2 permits

just found that you need a building permit to demolish house
does this mean i need two permits
or can i put both jobs on one permit
in vic if it makes a…

1 month1 monthaussietaaussieta posted:
Draughts from cavity sliding doors

we couldn't figure how mice were getting in
until we found the cat trying to get into the sliding door cavity
after removing the doors we could see right into the house…

1 month1 monthaussietaaussieta posted:
Can we fit a security screen door behind the entry door

the security door is also flyscreen
so to have a breeze without flies needs a security/screen door
i have thought about making an enclosed portico but couldnt get it to look right…

1 month1 monthaussietaaussieta posted:
Can we fit a security screen door behind the entry door

oh i hope this gets some ideas
we have a feature entry door with leadlights
but from the front of the house all you can see is the security door

1 month1 monthaussietaaussieta posted:
Brown water leaking from toilet base

that spec S trap 140-160 suggests that you have a P trap toilet with adaptor
this is the adaptor http://www.highgrovebathrooms.com.au/s- ... m-adapter/
the pan gasket (top left) is…

1 month1 monthaussietaaussieta posted:
Brown water leaking from toilet base

you know what it is
you are in denial
you most likely have a P trap toilet
fitted to an S type pipe
and the adaptor gasket is leaking
as mentioned
you need a plumber to…

2 months2 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
The Case of the Missing Insulation

my brother rented a new unit in pakenham, victoria
and found it difficult to heat and cool
finally had a heater tech come out to check the ducts in the ceilings
the insulation…

4 months4 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Does anyone have a 620 silding cavity door?

620 will have approx 100 inside cavity, which will leave a 520 opening
hope you never want to put a small fridge or freezer in there

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4 months4 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Depth of stormwater pvc and electrical underground?

and the fibre optic cable NBN is about 300mm
i found that out the hard way

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7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Help please! we have narrowed down to 2 pool options

keep in mind a swg needs to be rated about 50% bigger than pool
which cell are you getting vs pool volume

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
hanging doors

wanting to fit some hinged doors in place of sliders
wasnt sure where to position the hinges
so went to google
now i am more confused
i have found 150mm,175mm, 200mm, 250mm,…

7 months7 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
How to cool down garage

i am assuming you have roller door
would have to be replaced as they are not insulated
a panel lift door would most likely be pvc insulated
a whirly bird roof vent will…

8 months8 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Plumbing 'shed' toilet

they make a masticator pump
which is a box about the size of small suitcase that attaches to toilet and then pumps the waste uphill to the original septic point
one example

8 months8 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Carpenter Ants

well lucky me,
the small amount of wood shavings i found under window frame are from carpenter ants
found a small amount of wood shavings, looks like when you sharpen a pencil

10 months10 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Extension, where to start

being that small an area i would dig out foundation by hand and barrow the concrete in to keep your floor levels the same
if you get a small builder he…

10 months10 monthsaussietaaussieta posted:
Very specific question from other part of the world

http://banya-expert.com/poli/kak-ustano ... -pola.html
i would call it a depth gauge, as to where to buy it the only links i can find are where you copied picture from

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