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Joined 21 October 2008
3 years3 yearsBamBam posted:
OB tradie recommendations Melbourne

Not that Im aware of adbodnar - myself and a few others were OBs around the same time period and I thought it would be a handy resource. Im glad…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Owner builders who have moved in...

I won't say "finished" as I believe there are always things that need doing to a home, owner built or not :wink:
How are you…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Roof tiles

We chose terracotta roof tiles for durability purposes. When we were looking, low profile terracotta tiles werent as available as concrete so there was very little competition in pricing so…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:

We used FD Beck for insurance when we owner built our home.

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Ladies and Gents, step right up! Mernda & Doreen Residents

Spikey, they came around about 8months ago and laid all the fibre optic in our pits. We called Telstra ASAP and were told that once it was connected they would…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Are hallways a waste of space in a house design?

I have a very large entrance/hallway - we needed it as one of the walls is actually the garage wall and is 11.5meters. For aesthetic purposes we made the entrance…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
silver paper inside my roof

I agree with grom, it sounds like you're referring to sarking. Sarking is used for its insulation properties, not to prevent rodent infestation. My concern would be the gaps between…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Flooring questions

We opted to have Grey Ironbark solid timber. I love the look and durability.
We sourced the timber separately and then hired a company to install. For us it was more…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Owner Building Perth Hills - Roof time!

Looking great Memphis!

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Regarding Bulkheads to overhead cupboards

Are you referring to the set back of the bulkhead from the cupboard?
And I have moved this to the Kitchen Corner for you.

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
All Red Splashbacks Here Please

This is exactly what I have done. Fortunately because after seeing them on the wall for a few weeks, I decided I didn't like them at all! I'm still on…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
dishwasher height problem!!!

We have a 60mm bench top in our kitchen also, wonderful look ;-)
The face of the bench is 60mm however the actual tops are 20mm thick.…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Bulkhead height? Lower than door height??

It may be a little hard to visualise but the bulkhead drops to 2.6 and then that forms the rest of the ceiling height as it continues throughout the hallway…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Floor to ceiling bathroom tiles

We tiled our bathroom, ensuite and powder room all the way to the roof.

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Waiting and ... waiting and ...

Completely understandable. I'm not exactly sure where your location is but by the sounds of it you may have no other option but to wait. Hopefully you have some more…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Has anyone seen or have 3m ceilings?

Our entrance has 2.9m raised ceiling, with a bulkhead that drops the rest of the house to 2.6m. It definitely gives a "wow" factor used that way, I'm not sure…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Bulkhead height? Lower than door height??

Our bulkhead is 300mm lower than our raised roof in the entrance. So basically, raised area is 2.9m and the bulkhead drops to 2.6m. Our doors are 2340mm.
Hope that helps…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Ladies and Gents, step right up! Mernda & Doreen Residents

Lucky, Epping Carpets are wonderful and will do it for you. They are near Epping Bunnings, in the little shops near the tyre place and mechanic.
Vetra, we used Mark from…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
How much do brick layer charge?

I had to search through my posts as I don't have access to my spreadsheet on the iPad but we paid $0.90cents a brick about 3 years ago. We paid…

4 years4 yearsBamBam posted:
Waiting and ... waiting and ...

I don't think it has anything to do with a trade being based in a rural or metropolitan area. Personally, if I were waiting that long for a quote I…

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
First Time Owner Builder

My husband is a cabinet maker by trade but is very "hands on" - he is one of those "fix it, build it" kind of guys.
My husband was "Site manager"…

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
Doors in Melbourne

Doors A Plenty on Plenty Road

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
First Time Owner Builder

We didnt need to do a course to get our OB permit, and I didnt research any of them. I think it may be NSW that offers quite a few…

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
Haymes Paints - Bams paint thread

It has a tendency to change shades in different light settings - our walls either look quite light or have a grey tone to them. Love them! And furnishing make…

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
Mixing two different creepers along a fence line?

Im wondering if anyone has mixed two different creepers along a fence line?
It would be purely for aesthetics as our colourbond fence was raised to allow for privacy.
From the end…

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
OB tradie recommendations Melbourne

You know this thread is old when you're referring to your now husband as fiancee and have a 2year old!
Ive updated with a couple more recommendations. I would also love…

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
Zarz - Owner Builder Journey

Looking good!

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
Do you have matching handles in the kitchen and laundry?

Our kitchen has different handles to the rest of the house. But all the handles in the laundry, linen, ensuite, bathroom etc match

5 years5 yearsBamBam posted:
Where are your laundry hampers?

We have a built in laundry hamper in the laundry so our clothes go straight in there. Little Miss has a laundry basket in her room

6 years6 yearsBamBam posted:
Decking company recommendation Melbourne please

Hi :)
I hope I can explain this well.
Approximately 5x4m of decking needs to be cantilevered off the house - below this is a water tank and…

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