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11 months11 monthsbanubanu posted:
installing a pool during construction of home

There are a lot of things that you have to remember before you get a good pool cover. There are actually three kinds of covers that you can check. You…

11 months11 monthsbanubanu posted:
Recommendations - renos on turn of century homes

A Coffee Finish Wallclock would look great on a turn of the century home. I bought one ( ) for $48 when I was having my house renovated. While…

11 months11 monthsbanubanu posted:
How to remove spray paint from floor

If the paint is dry you could saturate a clean rag in rubbing alcohol, then remove the rubbing alcohol with a clean, soapy cloth.

1 year1 yearbanubanu posted:
Granite benchtops

There are affordable granite bench tops. But of course there are benefits and disadvantages in almost every material out there. Granite looks classy and they are elegant but if you…

1 year1 yearbanubanu posted:
Before and After - exciting!

Wonderful Transformation,it looks great. I especially liked the driveway. I am currently in the process of renovating my house. I am not sure about about what kind of roof I…

1 year1 yearbanubanu posted:
How to save money on renovations

Thanks for sharing.

1 year1 yearbanubanu posted:

I just want to say Hi to everybody.

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