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18 h18 hBerekBerek posted:
Anyone built using an architect?

Xavier Wakefield
Director – B.Env.Des.B.Arch.Hons
Xavier graduated from the School of Architecture at UTAS in December 2002 where he won several student prizes, was listed on the Dean’s Role of Excellence and…

2 d2 dBerekBerek posted:
Anyone built using an architect?

Awful news i'm sorry to hear.

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4 d4 dBerekBerek posted:
Wooden Floorboards

I'm not a builder but here's what I think. The effort put into securing it to the floor is proportionate to the value of the contents :-)

5 d5 dBerekBerek posted:
wall issue?

Looks like a badly done HDR photo with excessive use of the clarity slider.

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5 d5 dBerekBerek posted:
Waterfall Edge on floating laminate flooring?

Ceasarstone cracking? If the floor is laid properly and there is a gap under the end and above the boards, I doubt there'd be enough pressure to crack the stone.…

7 d7 dBerekBerek posted:
Is this normal?

Someone wasn't using their grey material. Ours is underneath the cover out of sight.

10 d10 dBerekBerek posted:
Tondelver House - Southern Highlands

Epic. Everything.
My week was like, should I water the grass? yeah nah!

11 d11 dBerekBerek posted:
Renovation rip off

Don't know what country you're from but fr'aud in Australia is a criminal matter. Try googling benefit by deception... They probably will do nothing but the point is to get…

11 d11 dBerekBerek posted:
Water coming in wet area window vents - help!!!

I remember my parents 60's house used to have windows with mesh strips across the top. They had little metal awnings just covering the mesh part of the window. Wouldn't…

12 d12 dBerekBerek posted:
Renovation rip off

That's heartbreaking. Sorry to hear that story.
Step 1. File a police f r a u d report.
Step 2. Lodge a complaint with your states consumer affairs.

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12 d12 dBerekBerek posted:
do I need any permission to remove my roof and some walls?

Yes you do need a council building permit. No you can't start until you have that permit.

13 d13 dBerekBerek posted:
Lorri's One day House in Cradoc Tasmania-- update. 1/4/17

Frustrating in the extreme. Did he leave the keys in the backhoe? 8)

13 d13 dBerekBerek posted:
Need expert advice - new house drain pipe issue

Strange. I thought AS/NZS 3500.3.2:2003 "Stormwater Drainage Acceptable Solutions" mentions single dwelling no load is 100mm? Anyway doesn't matter i'd say the bend is above ground if that makes any…

13 d13 dBerekBerek posted:
Land Insurance before build starts?

The conveyancing company told me about it when I bought a block. There are countless ways for someone to injure themselves and then sue you. It depends on how risky…

14 d14 dBerekBerek posted:
CIG gas bottle dumped on our site. HELP

Back through his front window?? Kidding. Maybe.

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15 d15 dBerekBerek posted:
Lorri's One day House in Cradoc Tasmania-- update. 1/4/17

Ugg. Sorry to hear. Again with the delays.

18 d18 dBerekBerek posted:
Shower Screen Options

If you have the space length wise I'd forgo the door. Curtains? Just. No.

18 d18 dBerekBerek posted:
Yellow-ish water from rainwater tank

Did you check inside the tank after you emptied it? Is it all things fitted to the tank line or other taps too?

18 d18 dBerekBerek posted:
Floor fail

Epic... fail. You can buy coloured putty. Not every going to be perfect all over but has to be better than white dots.

19 d19 dBerekBerek posted:
how to find information related to Storm-water drain depth,

Would have thought that's what builders get paid for... unless it's not on the councils area maps yet (they all have this info available online). The plan is too small…

19 d19 dBerekBerek posted:
Steep slope in Korora (Coffs Harbour) - Brian Hopwood Homes

Lovely red mud. Going to be fun to clean up.

20 d20 dBerekBerek posted:
Street setback on an asymetric front boundary

The distance is perpendicular to the boundary so your building envelope will be triangley shaped. Call the planning dept before putting money down would be my advice.

20 d20 dBerekBerek posted:
Relocate Sewer Line

Sold my parents home last year and several developers looked at it but pulled out because a sewer line ran across the block.

20 d20 dBerekBerek posted:
Insulating Raked Ceiling

Sounds reasonable. How far apart are the rafters?

20 d20 dBerekBerek posted:
Flooring for bottom floor which includes kitchen and living

Same same except I have a lot longer to decide :-D
The are pros and cons of each and none have all pros.
Timber is more…

21 d21 dBerekBerek posted:
Floor insulation supports.

How would it go fixing floor sheeting? Would a couple of mm bow the sheet out of level too much? I guess it'd depend on fixing centres and sheet size?

21 d21 dBerekBerek posted:
Our Block Of Land Is Being Destroyed, what to do?

Wow that's just terrible. I hope it doesn't cost you too much. :evil:

21 d21 dBerekBerek posted:
Repairing render on a Hebel Block wall

Is it designed to be placed below ground? I have no experience with it so guessing. Maybe a whipper snipper strike?

21 d21 dBerekBerek posted:
Relocate Sewer Line

Is it just your line or a branch or main line? I've heard of having to replace the line with heavier duty and also strengthening the slab over it.…

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