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3 months3 monthschippychippy posted:
formica snowdrift = laminex polar white ?

Laminex and Formica are the same company, Snow drift and polar white is the cool white colour from each.
They are basically the same colour and actually use the same…

4 months4 monthschippychippy posted:
Install marble bench top after handover possible on tiles?

I'd just see if they can leave the benchtop off completely. If they wont, have a very basic 32mm laminate top installed and then remove that after handover and replaced…

6 months6 monthschippychippy posted:
Tiles to ceiling, just in the shower?

Did you notice that every picture you have shown the ceiling is square set so there is no cornice. In that situation it is fine to run to the ceiling…

6 months6 monthschippychippy posted:
Tiles to ceiling, just in the shower?

Main problem will be where the tiles meet the cornice.
In normal floor to ceiling tiling you leave the cornice off until the tiles are done and then install the cornice.…

6 months6 monthschippychippy posted:
Gap between wall and wall cupboards (not suppose to be)

There is always a gap where the cabinets meet the wall. It gets filled with a scribing fillet. 30mm is pretty standard.

8 months8 monthschippychippy posted:
Cupboards Or Drawers?

Hi Beetaloo
Drawer technology has come a long way in the last 10 years and is far more accessible to the average person today.
With high quality drawers easily capable of 65kg…

8 months8 monthschippychippy posted:
Hideaway bin

Only problem with the floor mounted like shown in the picture is you cant get it in soft close. If you want soft close you will need to go with…

12 months12 monthschippychippy posted:
Stove disaster!! Burning my skirting

I'd say that your splasback is non-compliant.
There are rules in Australia about how much space there needs to be around cooktops - these are listed in the Australian Standard AG/601-AS5601.…

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
Metaline Splashback

Hi Molly
I've installed many Metaline splashbacks and think it's a good product.
It used to be quite expensive (almost the same as glass) but I think that Laminex have realised that…

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
Remove walls

Hi Daredevil. Are the walls masonry or timber framed?

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
Who has used marble/stone for their splashbacks?

Here is a couple of pic's of a recent job I finished that used stone for the splashback.
It looked very smart and was a change from the normal glass splashback.…

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
What height do you wall mount your TVs?

Stewie is spot on. That is the optimal height.
I always laugh at these TV's that are above fireplaces or above taller cabinetry.
Best to wall mount above lowline cabinetry.

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
Warm country kitchen styles ! Please help ! WA

I think that sometime in the last 3 years Elle has probably finished her kitchen.
This is quite a thread revival.

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
Gap under front door

What you want is this:
http://www.raven.com.au/domino/raven/ra ... rod2-v/023
The door will typically have a 25mm gap between the bottom of door and the timber threshold then the seal and…

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
oven switch location

We dont install oven isolation switches in WA.
They are on there own circuit and get switched of frome the switchboard.
Cooktops get an isolation switch clise by so they can be…

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1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
oven switch location

Unless different states have different requirements ovens don't need a separate isolation switch. They run on there own circuit and get turned off at the switchboard.
Cooktops require an isolation switch…

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1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
2 Pack or Vinyl Wrap?

I know things are more expensive over here, but I can't believe a kitchen reno would cost you 3 times as much just to upgrade to 2 pack. The companies…

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
2 Pack or Vinyl Wrap?

Polytec Createc is a pre finished board that is cut and edged like any other melamine. It is a very high gloss however.
That means that a glued on edge strip…

1 year1 yearchippychippy posted:
Please HELP -Polytec - Parbury kitchen replacements

You can't get Polytec to put new vinyl wrap on your doors, they will only provide new panels.
You can get the existing doors re-wrapped by another vinyl wrap company they…

2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Gap between cabinet doors - normal or not?

A 1055mm cupboard would have door sizes as follows:
2mm gap on left, right and centre= 6mm space
1055-6= 1049÷2 doors= 524.5mm doors.
That would be for a stand alone cabinet with end…

2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:

If you are completely under cover i.e. absolutely no water on it then you'll be fine.
Having said that, there is more humidity outside and that will affect any…

2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Cupboard handles

Hi Poseiden
I'd probably go for a more square handle. It's just a more modern look.
The beautiful thing about handles is it's not hugely expensive to change them if your not…

2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Cupboard handles

Hi Poseiden
Like all things in life it really comes down to personal preference.
Bow handles are a little bit of an old design. Most people opt for square handles now.
That being…

2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Do you regret your gloss kitchen cabinets?

Hi Sunnyside
Yes, we used laminex silk for one half of our kitchen and wood grain on the other half. Sounds similar to what your after.
The melamine products below are all…

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2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Do you regret your gloss kitchen cabinets?

Hi Sunnyside.
Polytec Sheen (similar product to Laminex silk or formica gloss) is quite glossy and is the product you would get if you asked for gloss melamine panels.
There are actually…

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2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Shaddow line full height cabinets

I'd have the same height both sides. It's probably not a deal breaker as they are opposite each other and don't connect up, but I prefer to keep the same…

2 years2 yearschippychippy posted:
Nuggets's kitchen reno

Hi Nugget
It's always exciting doing a reno, but it can be a steep learning curve if you've never done it before.
One thing I would recommend before commiting to the Ikea…

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