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8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Concrete Slab vs Timber sub floor?

That's a really good point (sloping ground) - having to get the site perfectly level for the slab can be a large cost
If you have a sloping block, i'd definitely…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Where do all these pipes go on my solar hot water system?

Call me crazy but isn't that just the cold feed into the tempering valve, which mixes with the hot water to ensure 45-55 degree temperatures to your house? It's…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Retaining wall help...

Must be quite a hill :) It's a safe bet to go 1 metre each way. You may have to get council permission if…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Hidden AV System & Media Server with remote access

As I'm really sick of explineing this to every newbie who decides they have an issue with this...
All this does is try to protect the turf of the industry. …

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Energy Monitoring Devices

I've got an Envi Current Cost meter. http://www.currentcost.com/
Uploads data to the PC and helps you track down power usage for the whole house. Cost around…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Hidden AV System & Media Server with remote access

Never heard this before - Don't see why this would be an issue - there's virtually no voltage, and it's all independent wiring.
I'm in I.T. as well, i've got a…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Just wall mounted my 42" LCD.

I like the fact you used trunking to hide the cables rather than holes in the walls... so much easier!!!

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Setting up from scratch - multi zone??

I've got a Yamaha 5.1 with zone 2 support (this means it has another internal stereo amplifier with zone 2 speaker output.) This is pretty common these days. …

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Watertank plumbing & electrics question

Depends if it's a brick house, where the pump is and where you can run a junction from (or where the switchboard is) :)
No idea why…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
LATRONICS power inverters, are they any good ?

If you just want it for this, then get a UPS (uninterruptable power supply). It's basically a small inverter with a matched sealed battery in it. Connect it…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Rainwater tanks for laundry etc

I did this 6 months ago with a 10,000L tank. If you can, go for at least a 5,000L tank. You can get 2 rebates (state - VIC…

8 years8 yearsgullygully posted:
Retaining wall help...

Cheapest place i've found is in Bayswater - BLB Structural Steel. $43/m for 100mm sleepers. Best to confirm pricing though.
Remember to ask where it comes from / what…




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