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Melbourne, Victoria
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8 years8 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Which Solar Hot Water System do you have?

What did Dux have to say? Mine did exactly the same as yours! We moved in in 2007, then the first leak was 1 yr after that (just…

8 years8 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Can anyone recommend an A/C installer - western suburbs Melb

If anyone has had a good experience with an A/C installer based in the western suburbs of Melb that you would recommend, could you please share?? I'm in Point…

10 years10 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Hinged Door or Pivot Door for Main Entrance

We've got one of those large pivot doors, never had any problems with it since we moved in in August last year.

10 years10 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Lot Numbers

Go to http://www.land.vic.gov.auand click on the "Interactive Map".
In the "Build Map" option, tick the Lot Numbers checkbox and then do a "Search" on the street you're after. Zoom in…

10 years10 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Free Seminar - Outdoor Living Areas 9th April (Melb)

Did anyone go to the seminar? Was it worthwhile?

10 years10 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Type of Lawn

I'm rather curious...
In the Empire Turf website, the only VIC grower is Lilydale Instant Lawn...but when you go into their website, they do not mention anything about Empire…

10 years10 yearsJazzJazz posted:
additional $8,500 - What should we do?

If you are in Victoria, I would suggest you ring BACV at 1300 557 559 for advice.

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Adenbrook VS M3tricon

This morning my wife rang M3tricon head office and asked to speak to our customer service rep whom the receptionist would not put us through to as we are in…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Adenbrook VS M3tricon

Good to hear that you're up and running again, ricci!

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
glass splashback colour

Ours is in Burma Buff colour, I think out of the Bristol colour range.

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
final inspection

2 1/2 weeks for us from final inspection till handover.

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Contract Signed - PD Point/Cook - Wonderful experience

The time it took you from signing up to actually signing the contract (2 months!!) is very very impressive indeed!!
We're building with M* in Point Cook as well,…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Location of Evaporative Outlets/Vents/Ducts?

Sorry, Ray...but shouldn't those drawings be included in the New Home Contract that you signed?

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Location of Evaporative Outlets/Vents/Ducts?

Aaaah, sounds like they are starting to show their true self, Ray... :wink: Have you signed the final contract?

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
phone trench

I was quoted $270. But I think this is quite simple to do, and I'm planning to do it myself.
What you need to know is where the…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Phone Trenches, Wireless Internet and VoIP

The upcoming alternative to ditch Telstra...
Doesn't suit those who need mega Gigs of download every month, but certainly works for me just fine!

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Finally Starting - 1st Home with Metricon in BrisVegas

Our opinion of M is not much difference from pacharly's. PM me if you're interested in details.

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Henley in Melbourne

I believe all that is left to do, is finish the showers, do the tiling, rendering of the front post (which has been half started) and i guess touch ups.…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Would you recommend your builder to somebody else?

A big NO from me. Our builder totally lacks in customer service, IMO. I'm now starting to regret our decision to go with them.

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Downlights use a lot of power

Is there any dimmable CFL that would work with 'traditional' dimmers?
Would there be any problem if a CFL is installed to a circuit with dimmers and it is 'accidentally' dimmed…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Dishwasher Recommendations?

Anyone has any comments on the Technika range?

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
It's official - we're in our new house!!

Congrats on the new house, Amber!
I love the colour of the feature wall behind the TV and the pink in the girl's bedroom. Would you mind sharing what colours…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Horizontal Hardwood Slat Fence

Our friends were quoted $1,300 for one...and I think theirs is only 1/2 the width of what we're going to need !! Sounds too pricey for me...

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Rogue Imports sale

Thanks for the info, dazcla! Do you know if the sale is still on this weekend?

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
4 months & $2,500 = NIL +++PLEASE HELP ANYONE

Hi bmp,
As someone who is also renting and paying mortgage on 1 income at the same time, I do sympathise with you.
What is the reason for the builder delaying the…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Re-establishment of boundary fees

Hi Sallyho,
I believe what you are referring to is what's called the 're-establishment survey'. We were told to have this done on our block as well - although to…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Wall tile laying

Please excuse the silly questions - but don't wall tiles always laid starting from centre to the sides, so you end up with a symmetrical wall??
Is there an actual written…

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Horizontal Hardwood Slat Fence

I'm in the south west area.

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Horizontal Hardwood Slat Fence

Hi aaurora,
Did you end up building it yourself or done by someone else?
We need a horizontal timber slat fence sized roughly 3.6 m wide x 1.8 m high. …

11 years11 yearsJazzJazz posted:
Soft Thick Carpets

Thanks royalblue for the detailed info! Very informative, indeed!

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