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Mackay, Qld
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6 years6 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Soft close drawers: Recovering lid dropped down the back

A tupperware lid has dropped over the back of one of my softclose drawers. My arm is too fat to get through between the drawers to get it and the…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Need some opinions please....

Me too - once you've put your things on the benchtops and in those display shelves you won't need handles to fill in the space. There are so many cupboards…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
A & E's House! Pg 85 - a year or 2 worth of updates 11/12/14

Just love, love, love the African room. Any plans to continue the pool room flooring in the African room? - would match the theme perfectly I think!
What are you going…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Custom Design floor plan thread post them here!!

Not sure I like the coat cupboard right in front of the lounge double doors, but I don't have a better suggestion for its location.
I would also suggest changing the…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Easy Clean House Tips

Wish I'd seen this earlier - never even thought of that benefit before!

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Ensuite location......

I wouldn't like an ensuite at the front of a house for a couple of reasons, but they could be nullified with some careful planning:
1. I would hate the thought…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Mulch v Pebbles and digging dogs?

If you raised the garden beds would that stop the dogs?
Instead of wire mesh have you thought of using that dark green plastic trellis material? You can buy it in…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Sliding Wardrobe Door Headache

Oh no! Exactly what I didn't want to hear!!!
Yes, DH said that I am noticing it more because I am unpacking and putting things away in different parts of the…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Help please,Michelle,Anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think your choices will look great. I think the subtle woodgrains will complement the pebbles and in no way overpower them.

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
reece plumbing dont give any discount??

Tradelink sell ADP too - but like another poster pointed out there are some lines that are specific to Reece so you might not find it at Tradelink.

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Sliding Wardrobe Door Headache

When I planned the wardrobe fitouts for our bedrooms, I discussed with the builder and agreed on 3 sliding panels per wardrobe. I had envisioned a 3-track system where the…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Sliding louvre panels for new patio?

I think you will have better luck if you google aluminium shutters. I think I've seen what you want on apartments down the Gold Coast - pretty sure you can…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Ideas to update the look of this house

I agree with Ray - all that is needed is to repaint the mission brown gutters and window trims to match the shed. Instead of the awnings, timber screens to…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
LARGE glass panel for walk in shower

It sounds a lot like what we have although our glass is 1800mm tall (edited: oops, I see now it is nothing like what we have! :oops:

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
No hot water from shower mixer!

Thought I might update this thread.
Manufacturer of mixer sent out plumber to investigate. After an hour or more of much head-scratching he reached the conclusion that the only explanation was…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Where are your laundry hampers?

We have a shute from the main bathroom to the laundry (which the kids love to use) and we have a basket in our bedroom. My husband is so frustrating…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
My DD Aqua and Pink room *Need Help Choosing Fabric!!!*

I agree with Mclaren. Although I love the third one with the dots and green background, it doesn't match the floaty feel of the quilt and pom poms.
What about a…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Interior flush panel doors

My builder said to me when I was choosing doors that he has found that the more upmarket the house the less often the owners choose panelled doors. If you…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
My DD Aqua and Pink room *Need Help Choosing Fabric!!!*

The room looks fabulous! Great job!
For the stool - more funky would be great! I've seen some 3-legged stools covered in goat skin at Vast that looked very quirky. Not…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Cheated out of our land

Geez - I don't know - my parents built in SE Qld and cut about 1.5m at the boundary - they had to build a retaining wall and on their…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
What are you most looking forward to?

Don't worry

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Floor to ceiling tiling

I think floor to ceiling looks really nice with the big tiles - 300 x 600. With smaller tiles I don't think it makes as much a difference.

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Help Please - Redesign of kitchen needed

I would think about making your kitchen into a U shape. That would give you the chance to have more overhead cupboards as well as a microwave spot underbench.
Another option…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Weatherboard and garage door colour - something different

I agree with Bel - something about the intensity of colorbond Dune would match with your pictures. Surfmist will look bright white in the sun.

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
GJ Gardner - Ferrara 278 on 18m wide lot.

Can you take out the study (which doesn't really have a lot of useable space anyway since it has a pathway through it from the garage? Then slide the entry…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Can council demand extra set-back on corner block?

Sounds like a case of bureaucracy gone wrong. Applying for dispensation might be the least stressful way to deal with it. Hope it works out for you.

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Kitchen drawers

Ours are like the picture. I did ask for one set as a bank of just two drawers when I did up the kitchen spec but the cabinetmaker said the…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
How to match kitchen cabinet to existing cabinets

Most kitchen places have a big board of samples you are welcome to take. I'd say grab as many as you can (go to lots of different places if you…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Top load or front load washing machine

I saw an ad in a magazine recently about one that you can open throughout the cycle - can't remember details but it seems they've got that one covered now…

7 years7 yearskb46kb46 posted:
Best way to get paint from glass?


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