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5 months5 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Rainwater catchment in tropics (New build)

Not much by ways of contributing to help from me here, but just chipping in my 2 cents worth to thank you guys for starting this thread. It's actually quite…

5 months5 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Owner build a solar passive house

This sounds like a really interesting notion to read up more on. I've not heard of solar passive houses until now and I’m really eager to hear more about what…

6 months6 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Kitchen As Part Of House Design Considerations

When I first saw this, I was thinking of a sort of eco-friendly alternative to all the hard st eel and concrete buildings we see. I actually saw a building…

6 months6 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Home Courtyard Garden design

I think that it may be easier to plan your garden landscaping if you know just how much space you have to work with. Bushes are a lovely way to…

8 months8 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Virtual Reality Interactive Home Design

This sounds really interesting indeed! However, I have heard from a few friends who had used a similar service before from their interior designers. After the completion of their house,…

8 months8 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Tips for moving with pets?

Pets should always be considered like a human family member too. They have feelings as well even if we fail to notice on an obvious scale. Hence, we need to…

8 months8 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Moving tips!

For all my previous moving experiences, they were a breeze! This is because I would often simply hire a removal company to do everything for me from the start to…

8 months8 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Feng what

I have heard of several elements that you need to infuse into your home's interior. You need to have a water source like a fountain or a fish tank, natural…

9 months9 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Increasing value & Securing your property with a Granny Flat

It would really help even if the monthly additional income is not that high. Nevertheless, any amount would contribute greatly especially if you are having financial difficulties managing your mortgage.…

9 months9 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Seeing Straight through house

I also think it has something to do with the flow of the energy that usually starts from the front door. So if you front door directly leads to the…

10 months10 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Cabinet maker recomendation plz

Try searching online for their company websites so you can read past reviews and feedback from their previous clients. Or perhaps you could ask your new neighbours and look at…

10 months10 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Need help furnishing apartment with crooked walls!!

I hate odd-shaped rooms too! My previous home had a similar layout but the funny shape was in one of the bedrooms. The corner was fixed with a triangular coffee…

10 months10 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Bedroom Feature Wall Colour Help

Since you love grey, then go with your gut feeling. Furthermore, grey is kind of a general colour coding. So, it would basically match easily with everything else. It sorts…

10 months10 monthsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Living room wall decoration tips

It really depends on what type of concept are you going for. I personally fancy a scandinavian theme. So, anything wooden and nude hues are really my kind of favourite.…

3 years3 yearsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Please help me decide!!!

I know this is quite belated, but I hope that you found the answer that you needed and that you're happy with what you ended up choosing such that the…

3 years3 yearsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Colours - choosing a white for kids room

I'm sure you've settled with colours by this time but here's hoping that you're happy with what your decision is. Colours are easily repicked and readministered anyway so I wouldn't…

3 years3 yearsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Glass balcony to facade adds value?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder my friend and whether it increases the value of your property really depends on who is looking on buying your house and…

3 years3 yearsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
Small Home Living

Peronslly I don't have too much of an issue living in a small space though, I've done the dorm thing and living with my gf in a room in her…

3 years3 yearsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
do we need garage?

I really think that this is a matter of personal choice, but for me? I don't really drive but I work on things in a DIY capacity a lot and…

4 years4 yearsMarkSindoneMarkSindone posted:
steel frame house roof storage

I think it is best to seek professional advise on this issue since you are uncertain about the load bearing. Once they have advised you on the right amount of…

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