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7 years7 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Building Townhouses in Melbourne, Advice?

I'm assuming you have your planning permit from council. Do you have the building permits yet? Reason why I ask is that you say that you are an amateur, I'm…

8 years8 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Cost per square metre - architect designed home in Melbourne

I would also recommend looking at getting more quotes.
You will also need to bear in mind that you are proposing a multi unit site and as such it will…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Check Out My Plumber **Photo for you THEMAX!**

Its the price you pay to be attended to instantly I suppose.
Could have found a plumber cheaper, but with a wait.
So many plumbers wouldn't touch small jobs either,…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
How can you save money on electrical & plumbing costs?

Ways to save money.
- avoid downlights this will increase costs substantially
- sometimes sparky can get switches etc cheaper
- get what you need. Some people go overboard with powerpoints some…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
When do windows go in?

My partner installs the windows (as a chippy). Sometimes it is after the frame is complete.
However now a days partner says he installs after the roof gets done. Reason…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Where did you get your bricks from and for how much $$$?

I got the Austral Elements range. The price I got quoted and the price I got them for through a builder mate were 2 different figures.
I got quoted around…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
prefab frame Qoute

Get another quote to compare.
You will also have to factor costs to erect the frame and additional cost if there is steel involved from the chippy.

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Suspicious of previous owner's DIY jobs..

One would assume he is a registered builder is he built your place and is planning on building on the vacant block.
A registered builder with an unlimited license is…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Draftsmanship work

A structual engineer is required for all new builds.
Who does the bracing plan for the structure? Drafty doesn't do this.
Without a engineers report no builder can build a…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Draftsmanship work

Mine doesnt include 5 star or engineering :(<br>
Wow. 5 star is cheap but engineers def are not!<br />
Did you get them done by  a draftsman or an…</p></div><div class=

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Draftsmanship work

I would imagine that price would include engineers drawings, 5 star energy, plans and permits.

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:

I got colourbond as it was what I wanted.
Welcome to the building world. the good stuff aint cheap.
If you are trying to save $$ you can always get…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Stick Built Wall Frames Vs Pre Fab Wall Frames

Stick build all the way. Partner does it for a living so may as well.
What I liked was during construction was add additional studs here and there, good quality…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Our Windosr 47 with Porter Davis

I am so sorry to hear your story.
Honestly, I bet the suits don't have much if any construction experience other than their uni course.
Yes you are right about…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Bulders who borrow licenses.

Would my partner loan his license out? Never!
Worst case scenario for builder with license, buiding commision cancels it, thus no licence = little to no $$
Now if your builder does…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Formal lounges and formal dining... what a waste of time!

I agree. I do not have formal lounge or dining, waste of space and $$ imho.
I don't get why people spend $$ on stunning dining and lounge suites which barely…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Entrance Handle Price

Perhaps that price includes installation? I know my partner charges a bit for entrance doors as there is a bit more fiddling to do, especially with those all in one…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Roughly How Many Bricks to Build a house ?

I used blue onyx and they were $1200 per thou, I did get them at builders rate but I doubt the builder will pass on that rate.
At the $1200…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
How much for an instantaneous gas hot water unit?

I got my Rinnai Infinity 32 for $1500, builders price. The price I was given from a shop was substantially dearer.

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Two storey houses and scaffolding

Well I for one certainly don't think that a scaffold is a waste of money. Not when my partner is up there installing the second story floor or installing the…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Is $3,000 reasonable for structural steel engineering design

I don't know if that's ok as the price I paid included design, working drawings, engineers and permits.
Regardless if you can find the original quote or not, you can't…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
How much do you cost the SQ as Owner builder ?

Shelly he is in Canberra and I think you will find that house and construction costs are a fair bit higher than in Victoria. As to how much higher or…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
How much do you cost the SQ as Owner builder ?

I think it depends on quality. Mine is about $10,000 per square. That's also taking my partners skills and connections into consideration.
I tend to think that the answer to…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
What do you O-Bs do with the left-over stuff ?

Partner has used left over materials on his owm jobs. Charged them for it of course so theoretically I got my money back.

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
How much is your House & Land?

Didn't have to pay for land but it's worth between $500,000 and $600,000 (in an established area) and it's about 625sqm
The house will cost around $500,000 and that's for everything.…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
What makes you select a kitchen company?

I knew what I wanted so gave the designers and companies my plans and a brief.
All my quotes came back between $40,000 and $50,000. That was for 2 x…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
Owner Builder Insurance

It was a while back but I do recall that I needed PL insurance. May have been a council requirement though.
In an ideal world we would not need PL…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:

I think it depends on the oven. I have a freestanding Ilve oven and whilst moving it is no problem, but it's electical is not the traditional plug that…

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
What are your favourite timber floor species?

My apologies. I meant 2300 l/m. How embarrasing. I have been posting from my blackberry and the text is rather small. Thanks for the cheeky remark Casa

9 years9 yearsMinxMinx posted:
What are your favourite timber floor species?

No mistake was made. The house is over 500 sq/m. There is A LOT of timber.

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