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23 d23 dmishbmishb posted:
Footrest in shower? any ideas?

Shaving in the shower, what a terrible waste of water.

23 d23 dmishbmishb posted:
Island Bench - single sided waterfall?

We have waterfall on one end of our bench and a cantilever on the other end. Is that something you could do?
Otherwise, I'd leave it as it is.

1 month1 monthmishbmishb posted:
Stone Ambassador Feedback

My country house and city apartment were finished about the same time. The Silestone benchtop in the apartment already had a chip in it on handover, the edges seem…

2 months2 monthsmishbmishb posted:
bedroom artwork

I like that a lot, although don't hang it that high (unless your ceilings are ultra low!).

2 months2 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Window or Mirror Splashback ... Love them or hate them?

We have a mirror splashback in our country house, it was the only choice as it reflects a spectacular view. I love to sit on the end of the…

2 months2 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Show us your Walk in Robe...

If you want to reconfigure it get them to leave the standard fit out altogether. It's usually just a shelf and a single rail that is too low to…

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3 months3 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Septic systems

Your council will have a requirement of what type of system you can install.
We have an aerated waste water treatment system, which discharges fully treated water to a disbursement field…

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4 months4 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Washing machine in kitchen

We've just done this in our new apartment, we did away with the laundry tub in the 'cupboard' for the wm/dryer, the w/m (and the condenser dryer) drains straight into…

7 months7 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Moving in before handover

Our house build is almost done, the actual work will be finished next week. Our current house settles in 3 weeks on Friday so I think we will just…

11 months11 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Water Use During Build

Yes, as we have no town water our builders brought in 2 x 5,000l temp tanks. They have been there since January, bricks are all done and acid washed.…

12 months12 monthsmishbmishb posted:
Undermount sink and Caesarstone Warranty

I've had undermount sinks in a stone benchtop for 15 years. They aren't big sinks so sometimes pots scrape the edges getting them in and out. Never had…

1 year1 yearmishbmishb posted:
Waterfall Edges on Island - Yay or Nay?

We're having a waterfall on one end and a cantilever on the other, 20mm which is a more modern look.

1 year1 yearmishbmishb posted:
Polish concrete floor issues

We are in the process of a new build with a polished concrete floor.
The slab has been recently laid and due to problems with it probably being let to cure…

1 year1 yearmishbmishb posted:
How common are variations?

We are building a house, small independent project builder.
We are at the stage of excavations and boxing up for the slab to be poured, but I have changed my mind…

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Painting Tiles??

I painted a feature tile strip on the walls of my bathroom, and the floor.
After 5 years there are a few chips in the floor from dropping things but…

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Sink in seperate toilet or combine with main bathroom?

Providing it's not the only bathroom in the house, I prefer the toilet in the bathroom. I like the 'one stop' approach.
If you're going to separate the toilet,…

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Builder stuffed up - irreversible mistake - what can we do?

That absolutely sucks, how disappointing and frustrating for you.
We are having polished concrete in our upcoming build and it's a very important element for us.
I absolutely loathe tiles in living…

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Thoughts on mirrored glass splashback

We're having a mirror splashback. It reflects a rather spectacular view so there was no other choice for us.

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Did anyone do the exact same tiles and cabinets in all bathr

I'm using the same tile but in different colours in the ensuite and bathroom, with the same feature tile that compliments both tiles. The grey is slightly darker in…

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2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Electrical inclusions - power points

Our standard inclusions for electrical include 5 single power points for rangehood, fridge, dishwasher, microwave and oven.
On our electrical plan are power points for things like the…

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2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Has anyone used A&L Windows?

Anyone with A & L Windows, do the safety decals come off easily?

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Moving on from a breakdown in communication

We're in the process of negotiating with a builder to build our new house.
We've just found out they missed a major part of our requirements in their initial quotes over…

2 years2 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Brick or weatherboard cheaper?

We're in the process of getting quotes for a new build. We want weatherboard/cladding. A builder has quoted us extra to use weatherboard instead of brick on the…

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3 years3 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Building in a rural area - Help!

We are planning to build a holiday house on the outskirts of a small town in country Victoria. It's about 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD, and a half hour…

3 years3 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Buying vacant land in country Victoria

You aren't guaranteed a building permit, especially if your land is zoned rural agricultural, so be very careful if your intention is to build a house.
Someone warned us that the…

3 years3 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Holiday house in Central Victoria

We're looking at building a holiday house on acreage, near Heathcote.
We're thinking of going the modular/kit route for cost control and simplicity. But we'd also consider a local builder…

4 years4 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Is my Sapphire Buffalo turf dead? Please help..

Oh no that looks terrible. I don't have anything practical to add except we have Sapphire Buffalo in Melbourne. It's uniformly green and lush all year except for…

5 years5 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Mixing types of furniture within one room?

Of course you can.
I have an antique oak drop leaf table and a glass and chrome coffee table together in one room.

5 years5 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Sir Walter vs Palmetto mowing and maintenance

We have Sapphire in our back yard, and have just laid it (yesterday) in our front yard.
We chose it for it's superior shade tolerance, we have a lot of deep…

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5 years5 yearsmishbmishb posted:
Totally changing interior style!

Orange and teal are great on trend colours, and their tips about where to source cheap pieces are spot on.
However - please do not copy this furniture placement! Furniture…

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