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1 month1 monthMrCJMrCJ posted:
Site Costs

Hi Kidlat,
All house prices you see advertised are for the house only and do not include things like site works, OH&S, etc.
For example, we're building the Carlisle Homes - Radison…

1 month1 monthMrCJMrCJ posted:
Upgrading to Class P Waffle Slab

Hello friends,
I've done some searching and can't seem to find a clear answer so here goes.
It looks like we're going to need to upgrade to a Class P slab for…

1 month1 monthMrCJMrCJ posted:
Building a Carlisle Homes Radison 35 in Boronia (KDRB)

Hello friends,
The wifey and I have started the process to build with Carisle Homes and have chosen the awesome Radison 35 as our future family home.
It' still early days with…

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1 month1 monthMrCJMrCJ posted:
The CARLISLE HOMES & SPECTRA General Information Thread

Hi dbat03,
How did you go with CH as we have pretty much the same costs. Did your site costs of $30k go up or down at Tender and did they…

2 months2 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
The CARLISLE HOMES & SPECTRA General Information Thread

If you still need someone drop me a message and I'll give you the details of the guy I'll be using and he also does all the build for my…

3 months3 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
Help! 2-3m slope in land map. Site cost!!

Estimates are just that, an estimate. Once the site manager or building manager does a physical site assessment and soil test they will be able to work out the blocks…

3 months3 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
Installing a Power Pit

Yeah 8 weeks, what a crock! I got a email this morning from Ausnet and the lady suggest it will be more like three more weeks (four in total) before…

3 months3 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
Installing a Power Pit

Thanks for the reply fella ... this makes me smile! Are you looking at single or three phase?
Cheers, Chris.

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3 months3 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
Installing a Power Pit

Hi all,
I've put in a request to Ausnet to quote on dropping my overhead power to an underground pit but its a 8 week wait which is painful as I'm…

3 months3 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
Carlisle homes site cost -additional $11k- infill after demo

Your site costs are spinning out of control that is for sure however pulling out of the contract might not be the solution as the next builder is going to…

3 months3 monthsMrCJMrCJ posted:
Porter Davis - Madison 40

Hi there,
My wife and I are looking to build the Porter Davis - Madison 40 and we thought we were going ok, our quote thus far:
Madison 40 - $325,900
Facade -…

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