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New Home
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New Home
4 Posts
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New Home

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8 years8 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Timber Overlay over Concrete!

Hi all,
I recently (3 years ago) had a house built in Melbourne’s West Suburbs.
I have tiles in the wet areas (except kitchen), and no flooring everywhere else.
I would like to…

9 years9 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Tile Cleaning

Hi Ash
Thanks for your advice, Ill have to give poultice a go if the maintenance crew can't remove the marks.
I wasn't aware that polished porcelains will be extremely slippery in…

9 years9 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Tile Cleaning

My house is in Caroline Springs.
I agree that polished porcelain tiles are porous and they need to be sealed before use to avoid any further staining.
My builder sent someone this…

9 years9 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Tile Cleaning

Hi all,
Handover of my new house was about 3 months ago and last Friday I had my 3 month inspection.
My wet areas are tiled with polished porcelain 400 x 400mm.…

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