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New Home
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New Home
4 Posts
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New Home

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8 years8 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Timber Overlay over Concrete!

Hi all,
I recently (3 years ago) had a house built in Melbourne’s West Suburbs.
I have tiles in the wet areas (except kitchen), and no flooring everywhere else.
I would like to…

10 years10 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Tile Cleaning

Hi Ash
Thanks for your advice, Ill have to give poultice a go if the maintenance crew can't remove the marks.
I wasn't aware that polished porcelains will be extremely slippery in…

10 years10 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Tile Cleaning

My house is in Caroline Springs.
I agree that polished porcelain tiles are porous and they need to be sealed before use to avoid any further staining.
My builder sent someone this…

10 years10 yearsNew HomeNew Home posted:
Tile Cleaning

Hi all,
Handover of my new house was about 3 months ago and last Friday I had my 3 month inspection.
My wet areas are tiled with polished porcelain 400 x 400mm.…

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