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Piara Waters, WA
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3 years3 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Land Promotion after purchase

I don't think the finance decline letter is a smart way to go. By all means you could ask nicely and see if you can negotiate with the land agent.

4 years4 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
show me your shoe rack/cabinet ... please?

Google images of mud room for inspiration.
Sounds like exactly what you are looking for in relation to not only the shoes, but also bags, keys, coats etc.
Here is an example

4 years4 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
buying furniture on finance

Why not see if the store lay-bys? Depending how much you can put towards the layby, if you are close to moving in it could be another option.

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
security options for a corner house

Dogs and good lighting are the best deterrents.
If it was me and I was that concerned I would be looking at motion activated lights, monitored silent alarm (Police will…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Skip Bins WA

Haven't ordered one before.
Not sure what you are looking to use it for but I recently used a jumbo bag http://jumbobag.com.au/
They cost about $35 from somewhere like…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
getting tradies to do extra stuff??

I wanted to get my paver guys to install the paved crossover at the same time as they did the drive way.
I called the building company to get the paver's…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Home and Content Insurance Perth

I have RAC.
However I haven't made a claim yet (touch wood) so can't help you on positive or negatives on that side of things.
If you are already an RAC member…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Home & Contents Insurance Flood Cover storm Surge Perth

RAC has this extract on their website
"Flood is defined as the inundation of normally dry land by water overflowing from the normal confines of any natural or artificial watercourse, lake,…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Shower Wall - How tall???

Why not look at a frosted shower screen - different styles of frosting means fingerprints/water marks etc aren't as noticable.
There is no way I'd even consider a half walled shower…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Could i please see Photos of your vanities?

But I have black floor tiles, with one row of black tiles as skirting around the room. The tiles also form the kickboard of my vanities.
The cupboards are white…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Help me find anything to do with New York!

I'm considering this one for myself now it's reduced lol
http://www.ezibuy.com.au/homeware/home- ... -86196.htm

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Hot Water Coming Out of Cold Water Taps on Hot Days - Help!!

Uncle Arfur - I get the same problem and it might not take 5 but it takes a good 3 minutes for the water to cool down.
As for so hot…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Window help- double hung or wind type

My wind outs also have fly screens on the inside. Just be weary when hanging blinds etc that you leave enough clearance space to be able to get the flyscreen…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Issue with fence

Might be wise to get some photos of the vegetation damaging the fence. That way if they cut back/trim it etc you still have proof to show that's what caused…

5 years5 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Renewing an old mirror

I think you could go with whatever colour you wanted. Do you have any feature colours (cushions/artwork/rug/decorative bits and pieces) you could tie it in with.
Or a white to match…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Building next to powerlines - dangerous for health?

Haha my bad.... Powerlines aren't the most attractive thing in the world
p.s I had to get my good genes from somewhere ::wink::

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Building next to powerlines - dangerous for health?

I grew up in a house that backed onto powerlines.
6 weeks old when I moved in and 22 when I moved out.
I've been out for 2 years now and am…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Wanted 2nd Hand Paving Bricks.

Have you tried looking on gumtree
There is often free pavers advertised - especially if you lift and take away

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Help for a beginner!?

Another site that has a whole bunch of pictures (good for ideas, getting a feel for what you like etc) is www.houzz.com

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
What to do with ugly fence?

I agree with Helyn, you could grow a vine such as jasmine or passionfruit.
Or you could espalier fruit trees along the fence.
Plenty of posts on this topic if you search.

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
A & E's House! Pg 85 - a year or 2 worth of updates 11/12/14

Seeing the amount of shoes you have makes me feel better about my own collection haha.

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Building with Redink_Upgrade cost?

Just one point conduits.
Check the difference between standard and the bigger sizes. I believe first timer's quoted conduit point is for a standard conduit - the bigger ones ar more…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Ref_KT's back yard - Feel free to comment

No pets, possibly a small dog within the next yr or so. Depends on possible job changes and some other stuff.
I did think about a lawn alternative but I'd like…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Who needs grass out the front when you can have an orchard!

That looks awesome.
Do you have any of it stolen being out the front?
Ever thought about planting them into the soil rather then keeping them in pots?

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Can Neighbour stand in my land when build his new garage?

As Bam said it will be a much cleaner bricking job - something to think about as it will be on your boundary and something you have to look at.

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Ref_KT's back yard - Feel free to comment

No kids now and not any time in the next few years.
Was pretty much planning to run the veggie beds where all the light brown areas are. Figure if…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Curious as to how people choose their lender / broker

Scratch that - ANZ have also passed the cut on in full.
Hopefully the rest will follow

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Curious as to how people choose their lender / broker

BoQ and Police and Nurses have also passed theirs on.
Hopefully the media pressure will force the big 4 to do it, and quickly.
Might have to do some research and see…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Mirror Above Vanity in Ensuite and Bathroom??

I have a row of tiles (200x200) between vanity and mirror and I still get some spots on the mirror so having the tiles doesn't automatically mean you won't get…

6 years6 yearsref_ktref_kt posted:
Ref_KT's back yard - Feel free to comment

18m across.
It's about 6 m fom majority of back of house, 6.5 from the rest to the back fence.
No easements.
The spa is realistically a few years away ($$$) so…

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