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Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
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12 years12 yearsShaneShane posted:
It's all about perception of value

I would have to agree. Well done that is a great example.

12 years12 yearsShaneShane posted:
Major vs small builders

I hope you all don’t mind me adding my two cents. I noticed that a few of you used the word cheaper as one of the main differences between big…

12 years12 yearsShaneShane posted:
Finding a design

WOW, I really feel for you. I agree there are some really slimy operators out there who are more concerned with their commissions then getting the right house for their…

12 years12 yearsShaneShane posted:
Lets get this 'Building a New House' section started!

I’ve posted a few times on this site, but I have been absent for a while. Now that I have returned I find this thread a pleasant surprise. If you…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Budget on knocking down and rebuilding new house

mmmm… tough one pick a figure, hehehe… as a basic guide I would work on about 10 to 15k for the demolition and somewhere between 900 and 1100 per square…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
glass splashbacks

I’m not sure how to prep the surface but I would recommend you use opti-white low ionised glass. Because normal toughened glass has a green tinge which can ruin the…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Marble tile floors & subflooring

Bella that’s the best option, I would even recommend you use the waterproofing over the whole floor not just the joins. yume_87 however it is a must to waterproof the…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Ducted reverse air conditioner

It’s a funny topic air-conditioning, not because it’s over complicated but more so because there is so much room for personal interpretation.
With a lot of ducted systems you can…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Paint the house

Generally speaking the use of acrylics in exterior situations is recommend. As enamels age they become very brittle and chalky and therefore have a tendency to crack and flake off…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Driveway Paving

The metro city factor, lets see… in QLD I find that there can be a difference of any where between 10 to 20% between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. There…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
concrete woes

Or try tiles. It's amazing what tiles look like on a patio. Choose a non-slip tile and use plenty of glue to help over come any unevenness in the concrete.…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Driveway Paving

Like I said, this is QLD and it been a while, 99% of all our driveways are now exposed agg, or coloured concrete. Plus we are in the land of…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Driveway Paving

Hay konmanos
The best solution to 1. Stop the pavers from moving and 2. Prevent weeds coming through would be to use a concrete base. I’m a building estimator for a…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Water Proofing an Existing Shower - Help

Hi Tim
Well, well another leaky shower.
The most common cause of leaking showers occurs between the floor and wall joints of the shower recess.
· Up to 90% of showers built onto…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Home Heating Hints

Hi guys,
Joe is right Close-fitting, heavy drapes or blinds, or double-glazed windows reduce heat loss. But Bella unfortunately wooden blinds will not, According to the Building Energy Rating System (BERS),…

13 years13 yearsShaneShane posted:
Help 1st home builder, builders didnt tellwhole story.

Unfortunately all to often people get a bad impression of the building industry when building with some of the different project builders. Blondie don’t feel bad because you are not…




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