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12 years12 yearsSkyeSkye posted:
Pre Contract Signing tips

Hehe, now I'll show my ignorance - I don't know!!
I haven't found my perfect block yet, but just have done a reasonable amount of research.
Okay, some googling:

12 years12 yearsSkyeSkye posted:
dreaming of building

I know I know, I'm crazy!!
My husband and I are hoping to find the perfect block in the Adelaide Hills and build our energy efficient north facing house…

12 years12 yearsSkyeSkye posted:
Pre Contract Signing tips

Good tips Adrian.
Others I have heard of that I wouldn't have naturally thought of myself:
make the powerpoints doubles (you can never have too many powerpoints)
If you can foresee yourself…

12 years12 yearsSkyeSkye posted:
Approx cost of laying, sanding and coating floor boards?

I love the idea of getting floor boards put down in next house, and have seen some great prices for the wood itself, but how much does it generally cost…

12 years12 yearsSkyeSkye posted:
Best underfloor insulation?

What insulation would be best to go under the floor for a pole house being built in the Adelaide Hills? (it can get mighty cold overnight in Winter, so it…

12 years12 yearsSkyeSkye posted:
Primeline Hardiplank weather vs wood weatherboards

Does anyone know what the insulative properties of the Hardiplank or Weathertex are compared to radially cut wood? How would the weight compare??
We are thinking of getting a pole…

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