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Illawarra, NSW
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8 h8 hSplashersSplashers posted:
Asbestos Roof Removal & New Colorbond roof

Hey Everyone,
On behalf of a friend they are looking at removing the old asbestos roof panels and replacing with colorbond as the roof has many leaks.
Has anyone had experience with…

6 d6 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Kitchen Cabinet no longer square, not supported benchtop.

Pics would be needed for advice

6 d6 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Corner Block Floor Plan Help.

Is my second hallway a space waster? My entry to the master, weird position? Bottom bedroom, waste of space?
Extra Linen cabinetry is never a waste of space if you can…

6 d6 dSplashersSplashers posted:
External colours

When using dark roof colours make sure TV antennas or foxtel is hung of the side of the house so it doesn't sit on roof as Birds make a real…

7 d7 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Hybrid over tiles or not?

Never take the easy road on renovations, if you are owning it more than a year do it once and do it properly....Rip them up

8 d8 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Cabinet touch up spoiled the look and feel

That looks horrible, just ask for the panel to be replaced

13 d13 dSplashersSplashers posted:
How much space in kitchen?

Ideal gap is min1.2 - max1.5

14 d14 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Need inspiration for a sunshade sail

Build a pergola frame around the outside and run steel cables across on the inside as the roof around 300mm apart and grow either Wisteria or Ornamental Grapes along the…

Need inspiration for a sunshade sail
22 d22 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Bathtub in ensuite

Do it, install a bath in the Ensuite but make sure its a very good bath to use and looks. Budget bath in main bathroom to save dollars

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22 d22 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Build Quality of Domaine Homes

Mincove are a smaller builder therefor they tend to be more expensive due to less buying power. The difference in build from them to Domaine would be minimal difference, its…

22 d22 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Cost of installing stackstones to the fascade columns (piers

Approx 80-100 sq/m for Labor to tile facades

24 d24 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Build Quality of Domaine Homes

Domaine are a budget builder but do have a lot of same trades n companies as clarendon use but just generally less choice. As for a low end builder they…

25 d25 dSplashersSplashers posted:
Choosing between Stroud or G.J. Gardner

You would need recommendations from the local branch as these 2 builders are just franchise builders. So basically what 1 GJ builder might do quality wise doesnt mean the other…

1 month1 monthSplashersSplashers posted:
Tile disaster in bathroom

That is poor setout from the tiler if the vanity was installed prior to tiling. The gap looks about 10mm between tile and kickboard and they have just filled it…

1 month1 monthSplashersSplashers posted:
Help to fix this ugly bathroom

You can purchase Tile panels which are about 4mm thick (Like Acrylic) and stick these over the current walls, they are easy to install and cut using carbide tip saw…

1 month1 monthSplashersSplashers posted:
Wrong size of shower niche

The Niche size is an extremely common occurrence with ALL builders, they build the frames size to 600x400 and do not allow for linnings, waterproofing tiling and glues. This is…

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1 month1 monthSplashersSplashers posted:
Recessed bathroom floors on the upper level

The reason Clarendon will not want to do this is because due to them using Metal frames n Bearers it very hard to do changes as they are all made…

5 months5 monthsSplashersSplashers posted:
Window splashback or tiled/glass

Simply add a vertical garden pot set up onto the fence. Its narrow and will give you a great view. If its a shaded area use plants like ferns n…

9 months9 monthsSplashersSplashers posted:
Travertine Pavers under Spa

I have been told 2 ways to pave Travertine tiles but i am not sure which one is best option with a spa on top
Option 1: 100-150mm Road Base compacted,…

10 months10 monthsSplashersSplashers posted:
Paving under a 2.3m square Portable Spa

Hi Everyone,
Just after any help in regards to my situation for my pad to hold my Spa
Spa Size - 2.3m X 2.3m Spa Weight Filled 1780kg
We have a storm…

2 years2 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Steel Frame Vs Timber Frame

Timber....run from steel if 2 storey

2 years2 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Need spare parts for kitchen drawers. Can anyone identify t

From the pictures it looks like your items are from Hafele....It looks the same as the fittings thay used to sell at Masters stores which Hafele supplied

2 years2 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Paradise Pools - Brightwaters DIY Pools

Hey Guys,
Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Paradise Pools in the way they use timber modular pool systems ?
We were looking at one but was after people…

3 years3 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Washing machine in kitchen

The only other question you may need answered if you require a drain in the floor ? or do you have an external door to the kitchen where you can…

4 years4 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Mount Terry Estate - Who has or is buying land

Hi All,
We habe recently bought land in the Mount Terry estate in Albion Park and was just wondering if we have any neighbours using this fantastic website ?

5 years5 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Frameless shower glass panel - does quality vary? Bris recs?

At the end of the day a lot of glazing companies buy sheets of glass which are made in china, america, europe and the middle east and nowadays not much…

5 years5 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Quick, easy (but stylish) shower solutions

Englefield have a corner acrylic shower wall and base combo which you can buy from Masters, or you can also just get sheets of acrylic and use them to tile…

5 years5 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Best Rangehood under $1000

QASAIR are the best and quietest

5 years5 yearsSplashersSplashers posted:
Splashback advice pleasseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

This colour is charcoal metalic looks more classy than just standard silver

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