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Northern Queensland
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11 d11 dt.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Building is not FUN !

Those HD HT's will be interesting aswell. Did they direct fix your plasterboard or use furring chanels? Even 35 or 45mm frames will put out these heads. Anyway be interesting…

11 d11 dt.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Building is not FUN !

How'd you go? Have to tried taking a photo on the them instead? Strange they didnt give you an electronic copy

14 d14 dt.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Building is not FUN !

Do you have a copy of both plans? Sent you a PM? I can give you some free advice :)

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16 d16 dt.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Building is not FUN !

Do you have a copy of the plans you can post online (or PM me). There maybe some clauses. Be interesting to see whats note on the working drawings.

3 months3 monthst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Bulkhead in Bathroom! Surprise! Not happy

Ideally, they should have cantilevered the roof trusses and created an upstand on the rest of the house. This would of allowed a flat ceiling through the entire home and…

4 months4 monthst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
First home buyers & builders in Caversham WA!

Fantastic floor plan ??

4 months4 monthst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Flexible builders

Check out New Urban Homes in Newstead. They're a very good builder I've heard. They will be able to accomodate.

2 years2 yearst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
What are my options for a metalic exterior cladding?

Been trying to find a product to use on a mass quanity scale, abit like a "Canny" project I saw in Melbourne.
Can anyone advise of a cost effective solution to…

2 years2 yearst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Checking in from Townsville!

Hey Guys,
Thought i'd introduce myself. I'm a 23 year old residential designer. I'm actually looking at sharing some builds that I've designed up here in tropical Queensland that I track…

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Building is not FUN !
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