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Northern Queensland
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9 months9 monthst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Rooms 20mm smaller than they should be?

I'd be very careful about approaching them with your 20mm concern, as you'll probably be laughed at as this is normal - you'll come across uneducated and they'll undermine you…

12 months12 monthst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Bulkhead in Bathroom! Surprise! Not happy

Ideally, they should have cantilevered the roof trusses and created an upstand on the rest of the house. This would of allowed a flat ceiling through the entire home and…

1 year1 yeart.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
First home buyers & builders in Caversham WA!

Fantastic floor plan ??

1 year1 yeart.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Flexible builders

Check out New Urban Homes in Newstead. They're a very good builder I've heard. They will be able to accomodate.

3 years3 yearst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
What are my options for a metalic exterior cladding?

Been trying to find a product to use on a mass quanity scale, abit like a "Canny" project I saw in Melbourne.
Can anyone advise of a cost effective solution to…

3 years3 yearst.h.e.Designert.h.e.Designer posted:
Checking in from Townsville!

Hey Guys,
Thought i'd introduce myself. I'm a 23 year old residential designer. I'm actually looking at sharing some builds that I've designed up here in tropical Queensland that I track…

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