Preparing your home for winter

Preparing your home for winter

Humans aren’t exactly bears but it does us a world of good to set up our nest for the winter months. There are a number of areas of your home where you can make simple changes or improvements, which will help keep you warm and happy while the sun is taking its yearly vacation.

Energy Saving Preparations

Before winter truly kicks in, it’s time to check your heaters to make sure they are able to provide optimum warmth. It is also important to use your heaters effectively for each space. For instance, gas heaters are better suited to large spaces whereas electric heaters will provide adequate warmth in smaller or less busy areas of the home.

Hard floors are not great for holding heat and they feel cold to the touch in winter. Purchasing a few rugs is an ideal way to help keep your living spaces cosy and warm, however if you have been considering a change, perhaps now’s a good time to think about replacing your hard floors with carpet.

New South Wales homeowners who use air-conditioning for heating during the winter should consider cleaning and servicing. You’re A/C unit will have been put through its paces during the summer months and may have gathered dust so you will want to ensure it is running at full efficiency in order to save on your winter heating costs.

If you do not have window coverings for the winter this is another beneficial way to trap more heat in the colder months. Coverings such as insulated curtains or compact roller blinds work well particularly if you keep your shutters closed at night as this will create an additional heat trapping layer.

Night time is when you will need the most help in keeping warm so now is a good time to wash and air your bed coverings or consider purchasing new duvets with a higher tog rating to help you stay cosy while you sleep.

The Illusion of Warmth

There is a reason that many homeowners redecorate in preparation for winter. Warm shades create cosy spaces, which is a great way to ward off the winter cold. Popular choices include plush velvet, red, yellow and orange. These colours inspire feelings of warmth even during the harshest weather. When your mind is thinking of lounging in the sun, the illusion is often enough to make the room feel at least a few degrees warmer.

You will likely spend much more time inside during the winter months so use the same principle and incorporate warmer shades when it comes to choosing duvet covers or even flannelette sheets for your winter bedding. There is nothing worse than getting into a bed that looks and feels cold. This is another trick to save on your energy bills when the temperature begins to drop.

Use the cooler months to carry out odd jobs around the house and yard in preparation for when the weather warms up again.

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