Space Saving Furniture Makes Room for Everything in Your New Home

Space Saving Furniture Makes Room for Everything in Your New Home

Saving space is a new trend in home designs that you should definitely look into when you decide to move to your next home, or even when redesigning or staging your current home. Space saving furniture designs (often called conversions or transformers) are taking the design world by storm. With many families downsizing to smaller homes because of the real estate market, we are always looking for space. Larger family units are also living in single family homes creating the need for multipurpose rooms or just the need for more space. Whether your home is smaller than you would like or you are just trying to achieve a de-cluttered design look, transforming furniture might be just right for you. Today, we will take a look at 7 clever ideas the design world has come up with to help solve the space issues when it comes to home design.

Kitchen Conversion

When it comes to multipurpose rooms or space saving furniture, murphy beds might be what immediately comes to your mind. This kitchen space saver goes way beyond the creativity and functionality of a murphy bed. It pulls more than its fair share of duty as a prep space, storage space, and sink, eating space and cooking space. This amazing design definitely gives new meaning to the old saying “everything but the kitchen sink”; besides which, it includes the kitchen sink too.

Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed Photo Credit: Pinterest

The idea of a sofa bed isn’t new at all. However, this sleek new design is definitely cutting edge. It is not only space saving and ergonomic, but it is easy to make the change. The special tilt mechanism innovation for this conversion allows you to make the change from sofa to bed in one motion.

New Style Murphy-Bed

Murphy Bed Photo credit: Pinterest

If you were worried about a murphy bed that is an eyesore, that is definitely not a concern with this new style Murphy bed that also doubles as a desk while it is up in the “away” position. As you can see, when it comes down into the bed position, it reveals a beautifully organized and well-designed bookcase. This design definitely emanates style as well as space saving functionality.
Coffee Table to Bed Conversion

Coffee Table to Bed Conversion Photo Credit: Pinterest

Coffee Table to Bed Conversion Photo Credit: Pinterest

This coffee table alone can be a space saver because it is on wheels and therefore portable. Then, when you see how it can turn into a spare bed, it is quite an amazing innovation. As an additional space saving option, you can use the inside of the folded coffee table as storage, if not for extra linens, then other miscellaneous things. Who doesn’t need some extra storage space that is easily accessible right at your fingertips?

Dorm Room or Kid’s Room Perfect Desk / Bed

Dorm Room Bed to Desk Conversion Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is a great space saver and ideal for a kid’s room that you need more space in or a dorm room, which are notoriously small spaces. This piece of furniture easily switches back and forth between desk and bed. In addition to the space saving convenience, there is no need to put away your desk; it can stay intact, underneath your bed.

Swing Up Coffee Table

Swing Up Coffee Table Photo Credit: Pinterest

In this case, it doesn’t take a big transformation to make a big impact. For anyone who ends up working, doing homework, or even eating in the living room, this coffee table swings up into a regular height table so that you can use it for multipurpose. This saves space and saves you money since you won’t have to buy other furniture pieces to achieve the same functionality.

Inova Tablebed

Inova Tablebed Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is the ideal solution for a studio apartment or any small living space. It is another take on a murphy bed, but greatly improves on the design aesthetic of it all. This unit allows you to easily and quickly convert your bed into a desk or a table. No one will ever know that they are sitting where you sleep!


These 7 ideas will surely be lucky for you when you need to save space but still want the modern design aspect as well as ease of conversion. So much for the old idea of just a murphy bed that doesn’t look very nice. Now, designers have come up with new transformations and they aren’t just for beds anymore either. We have kitchen transformations, coffee table to desk or table changes, sofa bed switches and much more. There is sure to be something to fit your space needs and still fit in with your taste in home design too.