Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Systems

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Systems

Rinnai Infinity Systems

Built on quality and innovation, the global Rinnai brand actively improves the way Australians experience hot water. Rinnai provides high-performance, environmentally friendly hot water systems that never run out of water.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Rinnai made a huge splash in the 1990s with the launch of its fully electronically controlled gas continuous flow hot water system. They called the product range Rinnai Infinity.

The continuous flow system eliminates the problem of using up all the hot water. This means households with Rinnai Infinity systems can run the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, or take a long, hot shower whenever they want.

How They Work

The Rinnai continuous flow system heats up the water only when required. Forget about installing a space-hungry cylinder tank — a compact tank is all you need with a Rinnai continuous flow hot water system.

Units are available in LPG or natural gas models.

  • Quality: Rinnai is recognised worldwide for the high quality of its appliances — all are ISO 9001 and ISO 1400I certified.
  • Reliability and comfort: Unlike electricity rates, gas rates don’t vary throughout the day, so water is heated instantaneously and on-demand. You’ll never run out of hot water again.
  • Safety: Additional water controllers provide accurate temperature control to help prevent scalding.
  • Flexibility: Compact models allow for more options when it comes to the installation of your Rinnai water heater.
  • Energy-efficiency: Some models have a 7.0-star equivalent energy rating.
  • Water conservation: Rinnai is highly compatible with lower flow rates.
  • Extensive range: Choose the model that best suits your needs.
  • Wide range of accessories available: Take your pick of recess boxes, security brackets, pipe covers, and more.
  • Some models are better for outdoor installation because of venting requirements. The Rinnai flue system, however, makes indoor installation possible in many situations.
  • Running costs are higher for LPG models.
Why Choose Rinnai?

Rinnai hot water systems are highly rated when it comes to value for money, after-sales service/warranty, reliability, effectiveness, and ease of use.

The Rinnai Infinity Range has high energy-efficiency ratings and delivers hot water around the clock. In other words: no more cold showers.

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Range

Infinity 32
  • Infinity 32: Ideal for larger homes with 2 to 4 bathrooms.
  • Infinity 32 ENVIRO +: Also ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms. Offers lower running costs and is kind to the planet.
Infinity 26
  • Infinity 26: Australia’s favourite continuous flow unit. Ideal for homes with up to 2 bathrooms.
  • Infinity 26 Internal: Specifically designed to be fitted inside.
  • Infinity 26 Touch: Comes with wireless temperature control.
  • Infinity 26 ENVIRO: Conserves energy and significantly cuts household running costs.
Infinity 16
  • Infinity 16: Perfect for one-bathroom households.
  • Infinity 16 ENVIRO: High energy-efficiency and big savings in household costs.
Infinity 12
  • Ideal for single-bathroom homes with limited space.
Infinity 20
  • Perfect for one-bathroom homes (2 in warmer climates), with Rinnai’s usual energy-efficiency and flow-on reductions in domestic running costs.
Are you ready to dive into the amazing world of Rinnai Infinity hot water systems? Contact the Adelaide experts today at Precise Services. Installation of your Rinnai water heater will be carried out by our precise, reliable, and experienced team.