Let's Talk About Flyscreens

Let's Talk About Flyscreens

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what it means, mosquitoes and flies season. Protect you and your family from flies and mosquitoes this coming summer. Here are a couple of things you need to know:
  • Types of Flyscreens
  • Types of Flyscreen Mesh
  • Flyscreens that look good
  • Flyscreen cost
What are the types of flyscreen? Like glass windows and doors the standard type would depend upon the mechanism if it is sliding, or fixed. Sliding fly screens are compatible with wider windows and doors it can be opened during winter or when the insects are not prominent. When it comes to the look of the fly screen, you can choose between aluminium or timber so it matches the home decor and aesthetics.
Here are some other choices for flyscreen types:
Hinged flyscreen, opens like shutters great option for smaller windows.
Roller flyscreen, rolls up like blinds good choice for larger scale windows.
Retractable flyscreens, more expensive option but this is amazing space saver and perfect for wide windows and doors.
Types of flyscreen mesh to choose from:
The type of flyscreen mesh is vital to be taken into consideration. The mesh covers the biggest part of the flyscreen product and serves a very important purpose.
  1. Polyester/Polypropylene flyscreen is a budget option
  2. Fibreglass
  3. Aluminium the benefit with this kind of mesh is that it does not rust and has a better visibility in comparison to polyester/polypropylene or fibreglass
  4. Stainless steel is a top of the line option.

There are also specialty meshes available in the market that would be applicable to what kind of household you need. Here are just some varieties to choose from:
  • Clarity meshes
  • Paw Proof mesh scratch resistant for household with pets
  • PVC coated stell mesh
  • Specialty woven mesh to let air pass through freely
  • Smog filtering meshes
  • Cyclone prone area flyscreens
  • Security flyscreen
Clarity meshes are perfect for houses with a nice view as the clarity won’t disrupt it but this is not recommended to be places in areas where kids run around due to the clarity this can be a cause of accident.
In homes with family pets like cats and dogs the paw proof is advisable it may cost more , but the durability is good that i does not break when your pet scratches it.
Your area should be greatly considered when choosing the mesh. For example, you should get the fibre or stainless steel because your area is prone to bushfire and th material is fireproof. If your area has security issues you can acquire security mesh because they are not easy to be broken through.

Flyscreen in Style

Of course when purchasing something for our homes we also take into consideration how it will look like. We wouldn’t want to install something that does not go well with our house aesthetics. This is where retractable flyscreens come is because when you need it you can pull it out and let it serve it’s purpose.

Cost of Flyscreens

DIY flyscreen installation is possible, but it only should be for small windows and simple installations such as fixed flyscreens. For larger openings, professional installation will ensure your flyscreens work smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Supply and installation of flyscreens is less expensive if you have multiple flyscreens installed. For example, if you're purchasing fibreglass flyscreens the costs may be:

A single window might cost $130
Five windows might cost around $290
Ten windows might cost $400 to $500
This is an approximate cost only you may contact our showroom near you to get a quote:

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