Read This Before You Purchase Windows and Doors

Read This Before You Purchase Windows and Doors

Choosing the windows and doors for your house is one of the most essential part in creating a liveable and cost efficient home. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when you are in the process of buying windows and doors for your house.

What is the purpose of the space?
The purpose and the role of the space has a lot of contribution to what kind of door and windows you should choose to create the ambiance you are aiming for. Answering this question will help you decide how the openings need to be created, location, size and how they open. For example, you are choosing for a living space, factors like light, opening and size must be taken into consideration. Since it is a living space it has to be open, welcoming and free flowing to create positive ambiance.

How much and what type of light should be in this room?
The type of windows and door you are considering to purchase can control how much natural light comes inside your space. The amount of light would depend on how big the opening is and how it operates whether you would want to keep the light in or out. This would also affect the energy efficiency of your space. Well lit spaces would mean less use of artificial light on day time.

How can I make my house thermally comfortable?
Ventilation is one of the key factors when making your home energy efficient. Not only that the right windows and doors can change the ventilation of your house, it can also create and draw it by creating openings via cooling or warming breezes.Louvre windows are great for controlling air into your home. It is a great way to utilise during warmer weather and can also be cleaned easily.

How much outdoor sound would I like to let in and out of my house?
Acoustics is very important when you are living in an urban area where there are a lot of outdoor and unsettling noise. The position of the windows and doors can also contribute to the sounds and smell coming into your home and pairing it with a well planned ventilation is a major goal. If you would want a quiet home especially at night the type of glass/glazing is important. Do dream of having a soundproof room? Consider having a double glazed window or door.

How would you like to access your outdoor and open area?
This question is easily answered. You just have to choose whether you would like a view through, or be able to physically get out of the opening. Depending on the condition of your home, in some cases the opening can only provide a view. It is a case whether you would want to have a full access via door or partial access through window.

What outside connection would you like to have?
This is where the size plays a great part in your decision on what kind of door or window to choose.By finalising and answering this question, you will be able to decide on the feeling of connection between your interior and exterior spaces. Choosing what direction it faces, how it opens should also be taken into consideration. The size of the windows and doors that you will have in this space can be used to frame and utilise the view.

What Kind of material would I like to use for the frames?
This would depend on how your house is designed, location of your house and material qualities that would best suit your new home.
  1. Timber
  • Requires more maintenance than aluminium. Using quality finishes can minimise the frequency in which the timber products need re-coating.
  • The natural warmth of this wood can be utilised in the interiors and exteriors of the property.
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to aluminium.
2. Aluminium
  • Requires very minimal maintenance depending on the geographical location.
  • Does not require further finish since it is powder coated.
  • Achieves a higher BAL rating for bushfire zones
  • Low maintenance , easily cleaned and does not erode.
  • Tough and Durable and won’t fade under the Australian Sun.
  • Thermal comfort frames does not transfer heat and therefore is has more consistent temperature for a building.
  • Recyclable, environment friendly and can be recycled 10 times!

Goodluck on your new home and make sure to choose your windows and doors wisely. If you need assistance you may call us on our showrooms near you:

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