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3 d3 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Do not like kitchen wall tiles

It really depends on the way you go about it.
Tiling itself isn't difficult especially for a simple flat area like the photo.
If you are prepared to have a go you…

3 d3 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Securing Water Filter Push Fitting/Water Leak Detection

I'd be looking at stainless steel jubilee clips, or car fuel hose clips.

7 d7 dbashworthbashworth posted:
cut and fill question

Normally the cut and fill just refers to the area for the slab to sit on.
If the land on which the slab sits isn't stable then the builder should be…

8 d8 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Retaining wall

I would have thought using gabions in front of the wall would work and be cheaper.
The disadvantage is the wall would be bigger in plan area, and you may not…

12 d12 dbashworthbashworth posted:
No occupancy permit unless appliances are sourced through bu

Check your state regulations but below is a link to a post on occupancy permits

16 d16 dbashworthbashworth posted:

Power points is the big one for me. . . . never enough, see http://anewhouse.com.au/2012/02/electri ... g-general/

18 d18 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Help required with plan for custom design home layout

You look to be running out of usable wall space.
A couple of small modifications would be:
Move the door to the laundry round the corner to face the dining area. This…

18 d18 dbashworthbashworth posted:
I'd like to build - Ballpark or dreaming?

A big thing to be aware of when building a new house is all the extra cost you may not have thought about.
Check this link to see how the extra…

18 d18 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Project Home Remote Location

If you talk with the builders they may have access to some generic plans.
If buying off the internet make sure you are getting plans that meet Australian Building and Energy…

20 d20 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Project Home Remote Location

My experience is that in a remote location like that unless there is a local franchise of a project building company you could be looking at least 10-15%.
In a similar…

28 d28 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Electric OR Gas ducted heating/cooling???

In my current unit we have abandoned the gas ducted heating and rely on reverse cycle units for all our heating and cooling.
Check this link to find out why I…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Fridge cavity - what’s a good amount of space each side?

25-50mm is OK for ventilation although you may need more to allow for the door/s to open

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Using solar panel for roofing?

I've done an evaluation here: for the first six months of our our 3.3kw system.
It shows the saving of $550 a year as equivalent to around 12%…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Roofing is this acceptable

Sealant is to fill gaps not to provide the waterproofing.
Good detailing and workmanship doesn't rely on sealant.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
what weed is this and how to control.

It's Kikuyu, which is a summer grass.
Typically it is more resistant to weed killers than other grasses.
I actually prefer it to other grass species as it requires much less watering

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Is decking included in Fixing stage: Master Builder's

I don't know about mandatory. . . . but I wouldn't expect these things until after the fixing stage is completed.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Winter Grass Outbreak in Kikuyu - What should I do mid-Oct?

Don't water the back lawn as much and the kikuyu should out compete the winter grass over the next 3-4 months.
Kikuyu is a summer grass so would have been…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Ducted: Gas Heating vs RC Aircon vs Gas+Addon Cooling

In my lat new house built in 2005 I had gas with add on cooling.
In my current retirement unit I had two reverse cycle split systems fitted earlier this year.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Feedback on Land Contours

With that sort of slope you are going to need a Drop Edge Beam (see http://anewhouse.com.au/2013/07/drop-edge-beams/)
That's could add around $20,000 to the site costs.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Evaporative cooling

I've owned investment properties with them and stayed in rental houses with them in the past.
No more!
Reverse cycle is the way to go these days,,,, real cooling + very efficient…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Batter on land

It's usually be best to be above the road then below it for drainage purposes.
1:4 should be a stable slope if you plant grass, but a bit awkward to mow.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Negotiating with builders before contract signature

This is a question that seems to get asked a lot with various variations.
Most builders base their standard price on you accepting the standard HIA or Master Builders Contract so…

3 months3 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Double driveway width

I wouldn't go narrower than 5m, even then the doors will open over the garden......a typical parking bay is 2.5m wide

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3 months3 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Building Lawyer

Most building contracts in Victoria will be either HIA, or Master Builders, Standard Contracts.
You will find that the builders will be unlikely to accept any significant changes.
The area of the…

3 months3 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
potential Adverse possession issue?

There is a quick guide to adverse possession at this link:
http://anewhouse.com.au/2013/12/how-adv ... g-a-block/

3 months3 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Ensuite/WIR layout

I would agree about the moisture and clothes,
In a similar layout we had the WIR access from the bedroom

3 months3 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Opinions on down pipe placement please

It would be less noticeable if a brick pier was used rather than a post.
I would suspect that the right side of the garage door could also be possible.

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