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3 d3 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Not Happy with Valuation

It's not unusual to find banks won't provide the finance for the full cost of the build.
There is some background at this link:

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3 d3 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Driveway Placement

It's probably just to allow deliveries without getting bogged.
There are probably going to be a few trenches dug before anyone is ready to construct a driveway.

5 d5 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Selecting a House & Land Package - Selecting separately?

They might be cost effective but they're frequently poor blocks which can mean the house can be harder to sell in the future.
Check out this link
Also I do remember…

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5 d5 dbashworthbashworth posted:

Within your land you may be able to go to 25% if you have enough space for transition sections;
See this link http://www.elvingroup.com.au/wp-content ... veways.pdf
If your garage is…

10 d10 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Choice of gyprock/pasterboard?

Yes there are several types of plasterboard.
Here are some alternatives for reducing sound transmission
For more info check this product range link ww.gyprock.com.au/Pages/Products/Plasterboard.aspx

10 d10 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Dry creek bed

I did one around 10 years ago (see this link ; for some views of the garden after 6years)
I excavated the stream bed using a self drive hired…

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15 d15 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Our land has been cut into.. Standard?

Its more normal, and proper, to keep the excavation within the limits of the block rather than cross the boundary.
The main issue is that even if the ground is replaced…

18 d18 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Shared sewer line - not on my property. Who pays?

No Links. . . . just 40 years experience in the water and sewerage industry.

18 d18 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Driveway thickness question

You never know when a truck may back down a driveway so a thicker construction is recommended. . . . especially if you are planning more construction work.

18 d18 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Shared sewer line - not on my property. Who pays?

The first thing you need to do is check your title documents to see what they say.
Although I have no experience in NSW the normal procedure everywhere else has been…

19 d19 dbashworthbashworth posted:
New Driveway what is peeling?

Could well be a curing membrane.
See this link:

21 d21 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Price negotiations

Once you have signed the building contract any opportunity to negotiate is gone.
Builders regard post signing upgrades as the 'cream' where they make the most of their profit.
The following link…

24 d24 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Storm water Legal point of discharge

It really depends on what your council allows and often how big you are going to build.
The following link has some more information

24 d24 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Private Inspections

Although the penalties seem high at first glance you are only paying them on the value of the progress payment not the entire contract.
You could also reduce the penalties by…

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26 d26 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Front Cladding Nails Sticking Out

Go and look at the builders display home.......that is the standard you should expect.

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Storm Water Solution

There are a range of issues with stormwater which can all add to the cost.
Can the property still be made to drain to the street by a charged system?
Can it…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Storm Water Solution

A have seen similar prices for blocks around Sydney.

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Building with Simonds - What to expect at contract appt?

There is some advice at the following link that applies to all contract meetings:

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Interim occupation certificate

The builder is responsible,
Here is a guide to what it includes: http://anewhouse.com.au/2012/01/occupan ... s-it-mean/

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
When should a "start date" officially take place?

My view is when the fence/site toilet is installed.
Check this link for more background.
http://anewhouse.com.au/2015/09/when-di ... act-start/

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Cap & Seal of Sewer at demo stage

Dig down to connection point, install a cap to seal and backfill . . . I suppose it depends on the depth. . . . couple of blokes plus…

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Driveway thickness under 100 mm

In answer to your questions;
1. Done lots of concrete repairs but can't think of any way finish up with a strong driveway.
2.You could always drill through the slab and see…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Court with Alfresco, Passive Solar Heating

You will get minimal passive heating in the dining room in winter as the living room is in the way of the sun.
In winter the sun typically rises at an…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
HIA contract and development application

The typical house block in Australia comes with development approval, which is part of the developer creating a sub-division.
The only time a house needs development approval is if you…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
First time building - conflicting information... stressed!

When you are starting out one of the first things to understand is the basic builders price should say FROM $x
If you go around a builders display home and want…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
An alternative to Gyprock that is just as cheap?

Fibre cement sheet is still fairly cheap (but twice the price of gyproc) and much more resistant to water damage than gyproc.

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Attaching kids swing to side of house - is this ok?

It's hard to make a comment without a lot more information but . . . .If I was doing this I would be fixing a substantial vertical timber against the…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Bathroom Traps

Normally the traps are directly under the basin even with floating vanities.
If the underside of the basin is exposed a compact chrome trap is often preferred like the ones at…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Ducted AC & separate Gas Heating. Worthwhile having both?

We had 2 reverse cycle air conditioning individual units installed in the existing 2 bedroom unit we bought. We haven't used the gas heating yet this year and can't see…



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