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2 d2 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Standing water in stormwater drain. Normal?

Looks more like an Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) which would have a water seal to stop the smell from the sewer.
Check this link for more: http://anewhouse.com.au/2013/08/overflow-relief-gulley/

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3 d3 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Floor waste in bathroom and laundry

Could be something to do with its a bit harder for him.
As far as responsibility for future problems I would say that as long as their work meets the codes…

13 d13 dbashworthbashworth posted:
How to connect drain hose of washing machine

Just drill out that connection on the right, push the hose on, and tighten a hose grip to make sure it doesn't come off.

15 d15 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Variations invoice 8 months after completion

I am away from home so can't check my copy of the master builders contract but most contracts i have seen require a consent from you before variation work is…

25 d25 dbashworthbashworth posted:
worth delaying concrete paths till after winter

Best for concreting is to avoid extremes of weather.
That includes both frosts, and hot dry periods, so autumn or spring are going to be the best times.

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
what are the steps to building

Deciding how much you can afford is definitely the first step.
The block plus the initial house price should be considerably less than you budget. see
The next decision is whether…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Can you identify this?

Looks like 'Stucco', a cement plaster used to produce decorative surfaces rather than flat renders.

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Program/app for designing home

The trouble with computer programs is they can 'lock you in' to a layout before you have thought through some of the issues.
It is often best to start with a…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
First Home - Play it safe of stretch the budget?

I wouldn't be planning to stretch until you understand some of the additional costs.
There is a link below that shows the additional costs for a house in the Werribee area…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:

There are a few different options at this link . . . but also keep an eye on the build yourself and if anything looks wrong ask the question.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Drying Cupboards

In the UK they are normally called 'Airing cupboards'
The majority of UK homes have an indoor electrical hot water service and the cupboard this lives in is equipped with…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Ramp/Driveway slope to a basement garage.

Normally the steepest allowable driveway is 1 in 4 (25% or 250mm per metre) so you can go down 2.5m in 10m.
There is one big but . .…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Covering Storm Water Pit

A photo might help

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Buying / Landscaping a Sloping Block

A few thoughts
At the back of the house you need to be sure that for at least 1m the surface slopes away from the house and that the area is…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Things you had to pay for you wish you got told off before b

You only really find out 6 -12 months after you have moved in after you have spent $1,000s at Bunnings:wink:
Once you have paid the Initial deposit here are the main…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:

There are two issues in your question.
Getting the specification right. This is really important and if you can't do it yourself you need someone to go through it with you.…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
AGI drains

No liner required

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
AGI drains

It doesn't really matter which sort of pipe as long as it doesn't have a geotextile 'Sock' around it and it is surrounded by at least 100mm of gravel.
See this…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Preliminary Agreement help, new to building.

Before the builder can give anything like an accurate price they need to understand the shape (including levels) of the block and the foundations they will need.
For this they commission…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Building plan review service

Not sure how many people will be keen to pay for your service as I expect you will need to charge a couple of hundred.
For instance from my website I…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Boundary fence

A very few developers provide fences but last time we built we were responsible for all fences that faced council land.
Check your title documents / agreement with developer.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Not Happy with Valuation

It's not unusual to find banks won't provide the finance for the full cost of the build.
There is some background at this link:

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2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Driveway Placement

It's probably just to allow deliveries without getting bogged.
There are probably going to be a few trenches dug before anyone is ready to construct a driveway.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Selecting a House & Land Package - Selecting separately?

They might be cost effective but they're frequently poor blocks which can mean the house can be harder to sell in the future.
Check out this link
Also I do remember…

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2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:

Within your land you may be able to go to 25% if you have enough space for transition sections;
See this link http://www.elvingroup.com.au/wp-content ... veways.pdf
If your garage is…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Choice of gyprock/pasterboard?

Yes there are several types of plasterboard.
Here are some alternatives for reducing sound transmission
For more info check this product range link ww.gyprock.com.au/Pages/Products/Plasterboard.aspx

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Dry creek bed

I did one around 10 years ago (see this link ; for some views of the garden after 6years)
I excavated the stream bed using a self drive hired…

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2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Our land has been cut into.. Standard?

Its more normal, and proper, to keep the excavation within the limits of the block rather than cross the boundary.
The main issue is that even if the ground is replaced…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Shared sewer line - not on my property. Who pays?

No Links. . . . just 40 years experience in the water and sewerage industry.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Driveway thickness question

You never know when a truck may back down a driveway so a thicker construction is recommended. . . . especially if you are planning more construction work.



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