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1 d1 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Gyprocking on all walls and ceilng to make it more modern?

There is additional work and costs associated with plasterboarding walls & ceilings over brickwork.
New cornices, skirtings and architraves will be required. Also additional work required around window reveals, under lintels…

9 d9 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Anticon for our colorbond roof?

Tears can be easily repaired using adhesive foil tape

13 d13 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
OB in SA - The "Fun Stuff" Stage

When do you move out of the shed into your new house? or have you already moved in.
From the photos, your house does not look lived in yet.

14 d14 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Plywood or particle board floor

Treated particle board flooring can withstand limited exposure to the weather. Refer to manufacturers tech data sheets. It is typically 4-6 weeks not months/years.
If the roof will not be…

15 d15 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Frame timber type

Blue is H2 termite treated (light duty) suitable only for use above ground and not exposed to the elements.
H3 is suitable for exposure to the weather and H4 is usually…

26 d26 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Advice for a steel frame construction [pole house on slope]

The drawing shows posts at 2400mm centres. That means a lot of posts. I would have the posts a lot further apart with larger beams
(I live in a…

29 d29 dBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Typical cost per sqm for high-performance/passivhaus homes?

I owner built a modest passive solar house for $1,200/m2. Note I built it largely by myself with little assistance from external trades.

1 month1 monthBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Minimalist Owner Build in Hobart - temp power supply decisio

Once your build is at lockup, a permanent electrical supply can be installed with a working power outlet in the meter box.

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1 month1 monthBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Minimalist Owner Build in Hobart - temp power supply decisio

If your build is going to be slow I would get a separate price for the temporary supply. Trades are not interested in giving a competitive lump sum price…

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1 month1 monthBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Timber cladding

I used Linea Scyon boards 150mm x 16 x 4200mm composite cement boards on my owner build. They look exactly like timber boards but the termites don't eat them.

1 month1 monthBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Owner Build in Southern Flinders Ranges- Cert of Occupancy

Minor update. The grass is still too green begin to cut fire breaks so I decided to start paving around the house before it gets too hot to work outside.…

1 month1 monthBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Tondelver House - Southern Highlands

"we just ticked over 5 years since we started Earthworks
I also took nearly 5 years on my OB project from starting earthworks to getting my Certificate of Occupancy.
(I was working…

2 months2 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Tondelver House - Southern Highlands

Your holiday is now over. What progress have you made on your build since you are back home?

3 months3 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Frames without timber noggings?

Extract below from AS 1684.2 Part 2 Non-Cyclonic Residential timber framed construction.
This documents seems to imply the noggins are the norm.
Noggins also restrict/limit the amount of twisting of studs that…

3 months3 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Anyone built with shipping containers?

Look at the OB thread below - Tondelver House - Southern Highlands

3 months3 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
James Hardie Cladding

I used Hardies 150mm Linea on my country owner build house
Partially complete


3 months3 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
roof not engineered for solar

I owner built and prior to confirming the order with the truss fabricator, I requested the north facing roof area be designed for PV solar panels. There was a…

4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
OB in SA - The "Fun Stuff" Stage

Your progress indoors looks great.
How is the outside landscaping progressing. paving etc?.

4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
10amp or 15amp?

A 10 amp plug will fit into a 15 amp power outlet but a 15amp plug will not fit into a 10 amp power outlet.
Go to Bunnings electrical area and…

4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
10amp or 15amp?

The photo is of a 10 amp power outlet. A 15 amp power outlet has a larger earth pin.

4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
What is this pipe?

Whatever the pipe is, do not cover it up. Either raise the pipe to be flush with the decking or install an access hatch in the decking directly over…

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4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Whirlybird Question

whirlybirds generally are a good idea (unless the house is in a high fire risk area) however ventilation louvres, typically installed under eaves, should also be installed to allow outside…

4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Which order for tiling a bathroom

Rightly or wrongly the order that I tiled my bathrooms was as listed below:
I did the floor last to prevent it from being damaged when tiling the walls.
I also…

4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Tondelver House - Southern Highlands

Terry has now posted some info on the start of his Tajikistan trip.
Link is

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4 months4 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Large formal lounge

My weekender is designed for casual living only. It has only one open plan north facing living area which includes casual living with dining and kitchen. This living area is…

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5 months5 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Time wasting trades

I have found that hourly rates are the way to go for civil work (i.e for a dozer or backhoe ). Getting a fixed price that is not inflated is…

5 months5 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
The Adventure Starts ! OB in Canberra on a small block

I think you have done the best you can do with the planning constraints of your site.
I had no such issues with plot ratios as my land is 350,000m2 not…

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5 months5 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
The Adventure Starts ! OB in Canberra on a small block

oops, my secondary bedrooms are 15 to 16 m2 plus area for robes. As a hands on owner builder, reducing the size my bedrooms would not have resulted in any…

5 months5 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Building a narrow house on a wide land advantages.

It depends where north is. Ideally the main living areas should face north if the block allows it.

5 months5 monthsBeetalooBeetaloo posted:
Owner build a solar passive house

On my build I wanted to capture as much heat as possible from the north so I used standard glazing on the north facing windows. My eaves overhand was calculated…

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