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Dee Why, Manly, Sydney, NSW, AU
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9 d9 dCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
'Safe' Or 'Trendy'?

You can answer your question with your own point of view. Since you are going to be a buyer too after selling your house, what are the features of a…

16 d16 dCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Shelving in pantry

I second that sentiment about going with cupboards too instead of shelves. This is because things in cupboards stay cleaner for a longer time due to the doors preventing dusts…

4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
No of rooms affecting house value ?

I'm not an expert, but I think that the room sizes look okay just off first glance. Of course it will depend on how much stuff you have to go…

4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
What can't you live without in your home?

I think you may want to ask a man's opinion when it comes to the garage - especially if you want him to do some fix up stuff for the…

4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Home value increase after rendering and landscaping

I also think that you should ask a property agent on their views. However, at the end of the day, a better looking property would definitely attract buyers. Just be…

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4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Increasing value & Securing your property with a Granny Flat

I've actually heard a lot of good things about the secondary suite option when you've got a house. I mean when you've got a storage shed or some extra space…

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4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Coral Homes general build thread

This is a really excellent thread full of ideas for people who are interested in researching different builds. I may not be part of the group now, but it's lovely…

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4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Posting landscape topics

We have different threads for a reason right guys? Haha! In any case, it's a good reminder to everyone to try and post things in the right place so that…

4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
External Decorative Fixed Blade Shutters

IT's actually pretty hard to match old stuff on your house - tile, brick, and pretty much all the other materials, if you hadn't kept some spare stuff aside when…

4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
How to remove spray paint from floor

Paint thinner is generally a sure win when it comes to removing paint, but like some of the other guys here have said, it depends on what paint you've been…

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4 months4 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Daydream Pantry storage ideas

I personally think that you could easily find a lot of uses for your pantry - you could probably stock up on every conceivable kitchen appliance that exists or something!…

5 months5 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Ventilation with PVC pipe for Cold Storage Room

I've always wanted to build a cold room but it seems like a lot of work and maintenance and I most certainly wouldn't be able to trust my own construction…

5 months5 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Food storage Idea - Shelving in root cellar

I've always wondered how to build a cold room - I would assume that there's a fair amount of wiring and insulation involved in order to get it to the…

5 months5 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Adding 3rd garage/storage to double garage design

I think there are a lot of self-build or DIY plans for a "storage" room that attaches to your house. But again, like what some of the other guys here…

5 months5 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Before and After - exciting!

Very nicely done! That perimeter near the fence will look really good once those bushes start growing in! Now that the fence is all painted too, it definitely has a…

5 months5 monthsCameronRobertsonCameronRobertson posted:
Security system, is it worth its price?

I'd agree. Why risk not installing protection for your home just to save that bit of money. The difference in insurance really shouldn't be the consideration here. You should be…



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