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6 h6 hJokerJoker posted:
Money saving tips for building.. what is best to do privatel

Downlights, tiling, rendering, landscaping, in fact most extras are more expensive with volume boys, this is where their margins really are huge, once you have no choice.

11 h11 hJokerJoker posted:
Building a 6 Bedroom House

Wow what a nightmare, so many bathrooms to clean

11 h11 hJokerJoker posted:
Silly Hallway HELP!

Or have a square nook between master and bed5 so bedroom doors face each other, then garage door off entry.

11 h11 hJokerJoker posted:
Tiles cracking

The quality of a tilers work when applying adhesive comes into play here also, was enough adhesive used across the tiles, was the slab cleaned well or did they tile…

1 d1 dJokerJoker posted:
Gas Log Fire

I almost got the archer gas log some 20 year's ago because of its brilliant efficiency and performance, but decided on going for Fitzroy cannon, clearly not as well…

1 d1 dJokerJoker posted:
Payment of Stages - 90% paid... so much not done (help!!!)

Standard HIA contract really favours builder, wish people would relize this, you could have negotiated fairer stage payments if you had a pre contract inspection by someone qualified, I…

2 d2 dJokerJoker posted:
Problems with new apartment buildings

Was speaking to a local apartment maintenance manager, I said your apartments, are they structurally has bad has most in nsw, Victoria, he replied, there one of the better ones…

2 d2 dJokerJoker posted:
Dowell Thermaline - any good?

Ed would be best person to answer this, generally in Windows forum.

2 d2 dJokerJoker posted:
United Energy - power pits!

Move on, as this spells danger, they generally don't improve if their this bad right from the start.

3 d3 dJokerJoker posted:
Quartz counter tops

Would think, two colours, one for kitchen, one for bathrooms, as adding a third could get really expensive as waist would be huge, all come in 3 metre slabs and…

4 d4 dJokerJoker posted:
Site cost 33k for a 26 Sq house

Labour costs from two years ago, yes a bit more, but not 250%,demand meaning I can ask lots more, I would ask for a more detailed breakup, then price it…

6 d6 dJokerJoker posted:
Wood or tiles?

Tiles better, but some now are using floating wood floors, ask wood floor specialists if guarantees are still OK with floating wood floor, if yes, it's a good indication it's…

6 d6 dJokerJoker posted:
Builders ran over fence... who fixes it?

Insurance should cover, but builder probably doesn't want to pay access.

6 d6 dJokerJoker posted:
Gas company wanting to lift driveway.

Which part of driveway, is it crossing, footpath, your land, or both, I would take tons of pictures and if they do, don't rely on just their word.
Maybe your…

7 d7 dJokerJoker posted:
Problems with new apartment buildings

I would make the developer responsible for building guarantee and tighten up the cheap imports their using, maybe a 3 month live in before full payment or 10 percent…

7 d7 dJokerJoker posted:
Problems with new apartment buildings

We have had a huge amount of apartments built along geelong water front, priced from 550,000 up to 3.5 million, would love to have witnessed what's underneath , something not…

7 d7 dJokerJoker posted:
Pricing for downlights

Very expensive, I would do after handover, bookmark some sights on line and pounce with specials, I got 100 down lights that for one week went from $ 50…

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8 d8 dJokerJoker posted:
Quality of render finish

With my render you can't see bricks, but I have started painting it as it will last decades longer with seal on the render(same colour paint).

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8 d8 dJokerJoker posted:
Rights with fixing defects? hand over in 3 days! (VIC)

With plaster and cornices, if you can see the defects in the daytime without lights on, then it's a defect he must fix.
Get a inspector, one with balls,…

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10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Garage flooding after neighbour put in concrete

Your not allowed to direct water runoff onto some one elses property, they have to fix this, seek advice from your local council as some sort of drainage directing water…

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10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
We are in a builders nightmare

Are you saying that you hired a builder who didn't get permits or have insurance and he did poor quality work.
Your inspector should be able to give you…

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Deck staining colour advice - penetrating oils, painting, or

Floods brand is even better, feast Watson good also, then intergrain behind these two.

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Cost to render

$40_50 per square metre, just measure and do the maths.

12 d12 dJokerJoker posted:
Double storey base price

8000sq to 14,000 Sq, the lowest rate will include waffle slabs, lowest builders range fit outs, minimum code generally done anywhere from OK to really poor, basic outside house…

12 d12 dJokerJoker posted:
Ducted ac question gas under doors

Also the best ac installed poorly will be a poor performer, installation and ac quality are both of equal importance.

12 d12 dJokerJoker posted:
Builder advise in Pointcook

Drive around and find homes built by these builders, talk to owners, should talk to 2-3 different builds, this should give best indication of what to expect, with burbank…

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14 d14 dJokerJoker posted:
Cost Plus Contracts - I hear bad things?

Did a cost plus type build, end result was a huge saving, had a friend build a similar size home that was a nice home but a much…

15 d15 dJokerJoker posted:
Laminate vs Tiles, pros and cons

No excuses in getting wrong flooring for your particular needs, test, test test, homework, has for someone walking continually on a wooden floor knowing their marking it with high heels,…

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15 d15 dJokerJoker posted:
WARNING: Flexible stainless steel braided hoses

Maybe the stop isolating valves you get for $40 are a great idea, as they will save a flood when a hose breaks, one of save, H20 links tells you…

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