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2 d2 dJokerJoker posted:
building contract

BE, from this forum does pre contract inspections also.

3 d3 dJokerJoker posted:
Breaks in Drainage Pipe

What type of building practices and personal have we got when doing the right thing is considered, like winning the lottery(blessed).

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3 d3 dJokerJoker posted:
building contract

Get it checked, Standard HIA contracts favour builders, and you end up with a much better understanding of your contract if it's checked by experienced home building contract specialist.

4 d4 dJokerJoker posted:
Dispensation/setbacks - how likely?

Our front porch which is quite large is only 2 metres from start of our block, it got counted as part of landscaping as decks in our area…

4 d4 dJokerJoker posted:
Sub-Standard Brickwork

What I find hard to understand is how does the entire brickwork get from start to finish without someone or some sort of check stopping it being completely …

5 d5 dJokerJoker posted:
Gutters and downpipe requirements

First few things I said to my Draftsman /architect was, want a really good drainage system and extra downpipes put in, 3_4 more than required, have seen way too many…

8 d8 dJokerJoker posted:
Dispensation/setbacks - how likely?

Look for set backs in your area that give u want you want, that's what we did and eventually got.

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8 d8 dJokerJoker posted:
Floor to ceiling doors (into rooms, and cupboards

I have all 2340 height doors which sit 20cms below ceiling cornice with 12 cm architraves, carpentry cost me the same and doors were a little more with 4 routed…

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Refrigerated air con quote

Seems very expensive by quite a long way.

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Actron Ducted Air Conditioning

In Victoria near Melbourne, and got to say, actron add on air con 17kw, with solar works magnificently, easy cools most of my house, use 3 of 4 zones and…

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Ducted aircon after handover? Single story house

Generally you get considerably lower prices with down lights by doing after handover, and many do air con heating after as saving 10% and getting a better system are both…

11 d11 dJokerJoker posted:
CIG gas bottle dumped on our site. HELP

Place on nature strip with universal language.

11 d11 dJokerJoker posted:
CIG gas bottle dumped on our site. HELP

Nice feature landscape piece in his front yard

15 d15 dJokerJoker posted:
Leaking Ensuite?

Sometimes even a inch of missed gaulking will mean big water problems, get to ground level to check shower, also some builders only water proof shower area etc, don't do…

15 d15 dJokerJoker posted:
Big bathroom problem

Put a picture up, as it's hard to see your exact problem.

18 d18 dJokerJoker posted:
Getting competing house design plans and quotes

Firstly congratulations on putting at number 1 what most people don't consider pretty much at all, now put display homes aside as they are most often misleading, instead and way…

19 d19 dJokerJoker posted:
Builder caught in breach of regs refusing to honour warranty

Maybe first see if he can fix leaks, if not then proceed with further actions, best result would be for your roof to not leak, or it could take months…

20 d20 dJokerJoker posted:
Custom Coral Homes Bronte..Post handover...DEFECTS

Mrs jm, your biggest issue is that, your too good for coral, there several steps below you, but one day this will serve you well in a future build, want…

21 d21 dJokerJoker posted:
Do I need piers due to the street trees

Tree was 8_10metres away and and maybe similar height, problem with nature strip trees is that they never get watered unless it rains, so their roots tend to travel out…

21 d21 dJokerJoker posted:
No variations in building contract

What rubbish, I've never come across a build with out change, I would run as your builder can't manage a build unless it's easy as possible for him, doesn't care…

23 d23 dJokerJoker posted:
Do I need piers due to the street trees

I would want extra protection as those tree roots will be in that general area meaning they will probably keep that area lots more dry, had the same situation…

25 d25 dJokerJoker posted:
Brickwork and Mortar Issues (aka Masonry)

We had a fantastic brickie but still we purchased all morter, sand etc, ensured we got best chance of top job, in which I was extremely happy with final job.

25 d25 dJokerJoker posted:
Flush Door Handle Solution for (narrow) Passage Door

Try hafele, will find by Google, worth ringing them.

27 d27 dJokerJoker posted:
Wide frontage Floorplans

Lp Warren has some good designs for sloping blocks and also do custom builds.

28 d28 dJokerJoker posted:
Wonderful news- a diabolical dispute settled!

In today's world, building is like playing Russian roulette,as most people will go to display villages to pick a home, then they will sign away happily thinking they have…

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Cupboards Or Drawers?

Have got 18 draws, 16 doors, use draws 90% of the time, as kitchen bits N pieces used regularly are much easier to get from draws, if you have a…

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Tile company charging for different tile lay pattern

Thought subway tiles pattern was very standard, maybe because there so small compared to today's large style tiles, it might take more time.

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1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Project builder, custom builder or owner builder

Paid a set fee to owner build to a project manager, got top trades and really good prices, would have cost me more if I had not got project manager…

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