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7 months7 monthskekkek posted:
Photobucket hosted images no longer available

Just a heads-up for anyone who uses Photobucket to host photos, they've just banned third party hosting (unless you're prepared to pay them $400 a year), so images posted here…

10 months10 monthskekkek posted:
Home storage upgrade

Absolutely. It's what we were originally going to do, but we ran out of funds to do the robes before moving in.
Alternatively, if you're using IKEA units, you can…

10 months10 monthskekkek posted:
Home storage upgrade

" title="Love struck" />
We called in the pros from Flexirobes and we're very happy with the result. Our walk in robes have been properly fitted out - this one is…

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3 years3 yearskekkek posted:
Plants, pots & garden ornaments

I lost my Mum six months ago and we're now at the pointy end of winding up her estate. After we picked out the things we want to keep, held…

4 years4 yearskekkek posted:
Side or rear alfresco for 15m blocks?

I'd vote for a north-facing alfresco room and living rooms too. Ours is at the side and has the family/dining room on one side, the lounge on another and the…

4 years4 yearskekkek posted:
Tell me about the 'floor' of your alfresco?

Nope, we do have a slab under ours. The alfresco room had a slab already, and the landscaper added an extra section and tied the two together with steel reo…

4 years4 yearskekkek posted:
My finished backyard PICS

Lovely! The Mediterranean garden is gorgeous and the paving looks really schmick.
Looks like the perfect place for many future BBQs. :D

4 years4 yearskekkek posted:
Cost per square metre

I'm locking this thread, as the original post has been duplicated in several forums.
Please add any further replies to the thread in the Home Renovation forum .
Support Team

4 years4 yearskekkek posted:
What is eating my leaves.....

Slugs and snails like young citrus leaves.
Some snail bait around the base of the trees will solve the problem if these pests are causing it.

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Blind manufacturers?

We used Into Blinds for our plantation shutters and couldn't be happier. Prompt service, courteous staff, competitive price and excellent quality. There was a minor delay (a few days) with…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Can’t see a rodent

We use baits, but put them in our roof space where there's no chance of anybody's pets getting hold of it. In the past, we've also put them behind the…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Stolen water meters.

Nah, they're usually stolen in large numbers, so it has to be scrap metal. About a hundred were stolen in one night from our estate when we were building, and…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Ideas for a backyard with easement

We have a sewer easement running along our back fence. We've laid step stone pavers in gravel, as Maximus has suggested, so if access is ever required, it's easy to…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
steel frame house roof storage

Ours isn't steel framed, but we recently had an attic ladder installed, with 10m2 of flooring included, for storage purposes. You could contact one of the companies that install these…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Capital Gains Tax

You're unlikely to have anything to worry about. And worst case scenario, if any CGT applied to the sale of your existing home, it would only apply to the period…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
One year on

Make sure you try coconut yoghurt. Best thing ever. ::lol::

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
One year on

I love it when people take my recipes and do their own thing with them. :) I don't have a lot of vegetarian recipes, but the…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Grand Lakes Estate, Lara, VIC

Some people are happy with their products, others not so much. We bought venetians, rollers and a Roman from them and we're not thrilled. Four years on, the hardware on…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
One year on

It's still growing nicely. Definitely a lot taller now. :D The front garden doesn't get much watering and it's been a dry summer, but…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
How do you organize your paperwork/notes/ideas etc.?

What joles said... My folder was my Bible during our build. I had sections for tender & contracts, one for post-contract variations, one for correspondence (it's uber-important to have…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Merbau decking disaster - Please help!!!

:: Glad to hear it helped. We've found it to be a really good product. Intergain's decking oil is the bee's knees too. :D

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:

Actually, evap works where HUMIDITY is lower. Big difference. In the right climate, it's the ideal choice.
Not really an urban myth, more a failure by many people to…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
melinda's new home....

Welcome to Homeone. :) I've moved your thread over here from the general forum, as it appears that you're starting a thread to document your house-building…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Merbau decking disaster - Please help!!!

You could try cleaning it first. There are specialist deck cleaning products available...worth a try. These are just two...
I can recommend Reviva -…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Timber Framed House - How waterproof dose it have to be?

Assuming that your spouting & downpipes are incomplete, you may not have soffits installed yet, and that there are probably gaps around windows etc yet to be filled, I wouldn't…

5 years5 yearskekkek posted:
Laminate Flooring

Actually, I found some more recent shots:
Best I can do right now...



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