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Melbourne's SE burbs
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3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Country style in a modern house

Can you possibly provide some photos of what your home looks like, and maybe some inspiration pics of what you're hoping to achieve?
A blank canvas is a great start...and paint…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Photo Memorabilia Framing Ideas?

Hi BenJones,
My first question would be what is the style of your home and room the photos are going to go in, and what look are you trying to achieve?…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Where do you put your Tea Towel?

Eventually, I'll probably get a pull out rail for the cupboard under the sink, but at the moment it lives on the oven handle. I have fairly nice looking tea…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Bathroom Windows - Obscure or Clear?

Clear glass all the way.
I can see into our neighbours kitchen if I stand right in front of our ensuite window...but I never do unless I'm opening it, or…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
What are the questions to ask when you get SHUTTERS?

There are 3 asthmatics living in my house. We have white plantation shutters, none of which are cedar. They are either made of painted HDF (High Density Fibre) or ABS…

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3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Double storey build - what are the must have upgrades

I agree with everyone's suggestions. Unfortunately, our builder wouldn't allow us to have a laundry chute...but that's when kids come in handy to take the hamper downstairs!
A two way light…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Alfresco orientation - north or west facing?

What state are you in, Big Bear? If Victoria (and in Melbourne), I wouldn't go option 2. It will be freezing in Winter with the prevailing winds, too. I reckon…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Anyone else less than impressed by modern homes these days?

When we did our KDR, I had to keep in mind the rest of the suburb. I'm in a predominantly 1950s/'60s suburb, and there was no way I was going…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Damani appliances

After 5 years of use, many unclean dishes after a full cycle, fixed once because the cycle was stuck and wouldn't progress, and tripping the circuit breaker twice, I am…

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
PM Spam

That explains the disappearing PM before I could open it, then! Thanks for deleting, Homeone :)

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3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
App or website for drawing house internal walls etc

Planit2d app is apparently excellent.

3 years3 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Install carpet to timber first?

When we had ours done, the timber went in first. There's a lot of dust created from cutting boards, quad and fitting them under doorway skirtings....and you don't want that…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
WHY do people like VENETIAN BLINDS? Venetian vs Vertical..

It all comes down to personal taste.
I, personally, can't stand verticals! They were in our old first house (not our doing), and the one room they were in honestly felt…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Kitchen cabinetry edging quality

No need to double-up on posts, I've moved it to the Kitchen Corner for you :)

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Time between contract signing and construction commencing?

It would all depend on your individual circumstances, timing and whether your land is 'ready'....and the admin team don't stuff up :roll:
We signed…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Can I outsource something during my build? [VIC]

From personal experience, I would advise against it.
We had all our cabling done through an external tradie which was not through the builders contract. We had to sign a clause…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
The Block?

**Possible Spoiler Alert**
http://www.realestate.com.au/property-a ... -117930567
Darren and Dee's apartment is up online. Nothing you haven't seen before in the photos, but if you are worried about spoilers -…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
The Story of Stormy's Castle. *Loooooong overdue update*

...not so dreamy at the moment, it resembles a pig sty! Hopefully, I'll get time to clean over the school holidays and also paint the rest of the bedroom furniture…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Kitchen appliances when doing floors after handover

When we built, we had all our flooring (except wet areas) done after handover, and the builders supplied all the appliances. The appliances weren't installed until after we had handover…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
The Story of Stormy's Castle. *Loooooong overdue update*

Cheers _chylatte_! I think Hubby would move out if I bought anymore apothecary or ginger jars! I'm running out of horizontal places and the house is screaming for a much…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
The Story of Stormy's Castle. *Loooooong overdue update*

Yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary since we received the keys to Stormy's Castle. :shock:
...not quite sure where the time went!! We still don't…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
What colour variant is this wood flooring?

It looks quite similar to my engineered spotted gum flooring. Lots of variation in pattern and colour.
Mine aren't the best pics, and taken just laid and still dirty!
I'd have to…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Where to fit external lights in new home

Are you planning on having paths around the perimeter? Are you wall mounting a clothesline near the laundry door on the dining wall? I'd consider having more lights if you…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Who got custom/built in desks made?

We had the desk built-ins installed yesterday...finally, after waiting for 5 years!
Still lots to put on the shelves, but I'm really happy with how it all turned out, and the…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Thoughts on Boral Silkwood Natural Blue Gum?

Hi aardbat,
That's only about 1/3 of Phoenix's story, I haven't got time at the moment to look for the rest, but it may have been removed.
I have Boral Silkwood in…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Who got custom/built in desks made?

It looks awesome LeanneR!
Can I ask, what is the distance from the floor to the bottom shelf, and can you reach it fairly easily? I'm still not 100% sure on…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Who got custom/built in desks made?

OK, so here is my very rough plan. Photo taken on my iphone, then a screen shot of my instagram account on the PC...hence the terrible quality, but you get…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Who got custom/built in desks made?

Found it!!
I'll draw up a final plan for ours a bit later and post it here, but rough measurements is a 910 wide, 2840 long and about…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Who got custom/built in desks made?

Bumping up a very old topic, but we are about ready to do our study makeover, and are looking at a laminex built in double desk, separated by a set…

4 years4 yearsStormyStormy posted:
Please Help.. Home feels lifeless. Wall Paint

I agree with others, and I wouldn't be painting the walls another colour. I love a neutral palette because you can add any colour you like and it will always…



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