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5 months5 monthsSileNceRSileNceR posted:
Lorri's One day House in Cradoc Tasmania-- update. 5/6/17

Yeah it’s cold enough here to keep me out of the garden I’d hate to imagine how much colder it is further south!!

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12 months12 monthsJosheeJoshee posted:
Help needed, returfing

Hi, I am in the process of returfing my lawn, i have just stripped 100mm off the top of the yard as it was a very hard clay (Brisbane) ive…

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2 years2 yearsHurrowHurrow posted:
Your Connected Home. What have you done / what do you need?

I bought a Sonos Play:1 speaker today so I can give it a test before I decide if I want to go with a Sonos system for the theatre room…

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2 years2 yearsRocchetRocchet posted:
Who else is building at Oran Park?

Hmm, that's difficult. We haven't yet had any negative experiences with ours and haven't posted any detailed plans etc due to the privacy clause in the contract but I am…

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2 years2 yearsehhcehhc posted:
Charlibear's Build -Finally in!

CB, if it makes any difference, our frames & trusses may be done. took under 2 weeks with anzac and easter in between. BUT there are some questionable bits. Will…

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2 years2 yearsnellmareenellmaree posted:
Hotondo Homes Tasmania - Hobart Build

NEW thread re: a new home build through Hotondo Homes (Tasmania) in Hobart.

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2 years2 yearsSileNceRSileNceR posted:
Custom Build in Warrnambool

Seems to me if you're a tradie that wants to make money in Australia all you have to do is actually go onsite and quote, since nobody seems to bother…

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2 years2 yearsSileNceRSileNceR posted:
Lorri's One day House in Cradoc Tasmania-- update. 5/6/17

Yes but you will need to dig some holes and put something in to hold the trees back or they will get pushed down the hill by the water too

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2 years2 yearsJayaJayaJayaJaya posted:
Building with Simonds in Adelaide

Oh cool, glad you'll be close... I can spy on your build and steal all the good ideas from you - hahahahahaha :lol:

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2 years2 yearsninnygrayninnygray posted:
Custom downslope build - Northern NSW

Enough lurking! It is time to start my own thread. Especially now that we have a block of land to build on :D

Custom downslope build - Northern NSW
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