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2 years2 yearsgablesrocksgablesrocks posted:
Hamptons inspired architect design with attached granny flat

hillsbuilds I have discovered a better world on Instagram for home builders
It's amazing - thanks gogo65.…

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2 years2 yearsdanydany posted:
How often do you visit your site?

i have made a time lapse for the pictures taken - it's not yet finished but just a snapshot . Have a look

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2 years2 yearsdanydany posted:
How often do you visit your site?

Brilliant idea!
I have a couple of questions:
a) how do you connect to it and
b) how do you stop it from getting stolen? is it discreetly placed/hidden?
c) what brand/model…

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2 years2 yearsDrew01Drew01 posted:
Building Bayside : Our Glendale 45

Someone came to live with us today!!
So glad we decided to tile most of the downstairs floors...

Building Bayside : Our Glendale 45
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2 years2 yearsiTooliTool posted:
Question about regulations re window sizes

Natural lighting requirements are dealt with in Section 3.8.4 of the Building Code Volume 2 (which you should be able to access online). It looks like the general requirement for…

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2 years2 yearsjamesnjamesn posted:
Help with house plan in particular master bedroom,walk in ro

I like this plan as it separates the Media room away and the bathroom looks more spacious.

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2 years2 yearsVinupVinup posted:
Brand new home or old one

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's helping a lot in our decision making. Really appreciate it.

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2 years2 yearspandibabipandibabi posted:
Brand new home or old one

Jesus christ.. i live in brisbane and complain of 45mins commute.. i now have a 15mins commute n its so much better on your life

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2 years2 yearsEzza78Ezza78 posted:
Arden - Votivo 43

Hope you get the and windows then!

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2 years2 yearsEzza78Ezza78 posted:
Arden - Votivo 43

Thanks Mamz,
Yes we loved the windows, so much so that we got the same facade windows added to our living room. They are called Mock Double Hung by A&L,…

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2 years2 yearskirashogunkirashogun posted:
What bricks did you choose - Show and Tell

Can you tell me what colour mortar that is? We're in the process of selecting bricks and I am seriously tearing my hair out about what to pick (period…

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