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Who's building with Clarendon??
No, some things Clarendon have to do so they can offer you the warranty they offer. One of those things is wet area tiling. I'm sure kitchen is also included. You are paying for most items one way or other - so why not let…
21 Apr, 2015 07:24pm
6,247 Replies
Custom build on 40 acres - We have eyelashes
Wow MnT just found your thread and what I lovely read it is Do like your raked ceiling and high windows, thanks for the sunset pics too. Posting to follow, looking forward to that kitchen and the final render.
21 Apr, 2015 07:24pm
217 Replies
First time build in regional WA
Hey jlo1990 it looks like the tap I want it on sale! Hmmm can I justify 2k?!! Oh no. Now I'm torn!!! ... -save-1600 now i see why you love this tap! Its epic! Just think, 2k will get you a return ticket to almost anywhere…
21 Apr, 2015 07:23pm
11 Replies
25 acres
HI admodra really loving the look of your home just looking at those mountains stunning regarding the asko oven we have had it for about 5 years and love it so much we are installing it in the new house not one…
21 Apr, 2015 07:09pm
46 Replies
The CARLISLE HOMES & SPECTRA General Information Thread
Thanks everyone for commenting on the cooling system. I think we will do refrigerated post build and focus our budget on structural changes. As to three phase power, wouldn't that be a bit of a overkill? TD You cannot install refrigerated cooling larger than 17 kW…
21 Apr, 2015 07:02pm
6,043 Replies
Building at Northlakes Estate- Cameron park
Image They have removed the tree. Doesn't look good. It's on Boyne. Can't believe I didn't see that this morning. I didn't go that way. That's real bad. OMG, so sad for these guys. This home is actually a version of our build, with Montgomery homes, just minor…
21 Apr, 2015 06:55pm
455 Replies
Who is building with Beechwood
I believe you only get 1 colour to pick from any more it costs. I could be wrong but I'm sure that's correct. As we wanted a darker colour for our theatre but was going to cost us extra.. Storm is crazy!!! Our new fence…
21 Apr, 2015 06:41pm
9,794 Replies
I work at Carpet Court - do you have a flooring question
Really sorry everyone, I'm on a tight deadline with a hospital project this week. See you all next week.
21 Apr, 2015 06:15pm
194 Replies
First Home Build - QLD - Dixon Homes (Brumby House)
Yes I think three pendants with two white ones would work. I also think it would look better to the side and not in the middle, don't know why, just do
21 Apr, 2015 05:58pm
163 Replies
Low tiled shower seat
Mine is on the plans at 650 x 300 x 1100. Keep forgetting to measure in display homes. One of the Wisdom houses at Kellyville has one in the ensuite if you're a Sydney sider Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
21 Apr, 2015 05:53pm
1 Reply
Henley Monaco Nouveau Q1 - The Eyrie Laurimar
Here's some pics of finished driveway! Image Image Image Image Also, our internet speed has finally got to the right download speed, now to sort the upload to 40 Image
21 Apr, 2015 05:51pm
575 Replies
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