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Studio (fancy shed) build
For the door we ran all our timber through a thicknesser first. The frame is made up from flat bar black steel welded together and the timber is screwed to the steel. There is no glue involved. However if I was making a table I'd use…
19 Dec, 2014 08:52am
203 Replies
Who's building with Clarendon??
Has your build started DG85? In relation to the kitchen, make sure you check it thoroughly as we found a chips in a couple of doors. It made the better half really upset but I told her that it will all get replaced.....well, it better be!!
19 Dec, 2014 08:51am
3,649 Replies
New house frame issues
A very common inspection problem is defective or incomplete blocking of point loads between floors leading to exactly the type of plate deflection shown on photos. I find it all the time at my frame inspections or at pre plaster inspection. How did this get…
19 Dec, 2014 06:30am
192 Replies
FHO - cost of completing a build and general advice
Oh and to add to it, we were really happy with allworth. We had a couple of small maintenance issues which they fixed straight away. Also quick, 16 weeks from site scrape to keys, although we did all flooring, window coverings and driveway after handover.
19 Dec, 2014 06:17am
9 Replies
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