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On July 5, 2014 DIAL-AN-ANGEL Central Coast celebrated 15 years of providing angelic in home services to Australian families on NSW’s Central Coast.
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Building in Brooks Reach - Community Thread
Awwww Neat I'm sorry maybe get in touch with your conveyencer because if anyone does know, it could be them. Sometimes they know and other times they don't so a call might be worthwhile...
24 Jul, 2014 11:15am
3,549 Replies
KDR with Sekisui - Sydney
No. We are organising our demolition approvals separately to the DA also. Most demo contractors include doing this as part of their fee so that the homeowner doesn't have to try to work it all out. OK... just check as we didn't find this to be…
24 Jul, 2014 10:53am
28 Replies
SR's KDR/custom build (Lara) - Full steam ahead - ti
LOL Joanne - storage is one thing you can never have too much of - though given the ratio of storage space to living and bedroom space I might be getting close to the boundary! The old house had a single-door linen cupboard, the…
Slightly RandomSlightly Random
24 Jul, 2014 10:44am
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Show me your bathroom/ensuits?
Do we already have a "show me your bathroom thread"? I've just had a quick look and couldn't see one. So if anyone would like to share, could I see your bathroom/ensuite please? Many thanks.
24 Jul, 2014 10:37am
0 Replies
Grey Gum Estate Kellyville
Are we talking about removing the gate and let it open or brick it as I would opt for the later. Really I was thinking it would have been a residential estate but it will become a facility for the estate as we have 83 residential…
24 Jul, 2014 10:32am
336 Replies
Building in BOYA with Redinkhomes
Found some more pics from Monday hallway entrance picture recess Link Master bedroom windows Link
24 Jul, 2014 09:54am
133 Replies
Theater rooms??
We have a fully enclosed 5 x 4 theatre room. I don't watch an awful lot of tv at home and neither does hubby, we also don't watch an awful lot of movies together he watches what he wants on his iPad and I watch what…
24 Jul, 2014 09:35am
19 Replies
Henley Monaco Nouveau Q1 Mk2 Regent-Slab 09/07
we have received the report of independent inspector, and he mentioned couple of things but nothing Major one major thing in kitchen and Bathroom, where they did not use the correct type lintel have sent report to Henley and waiting for answer from my building supervisor. we…
24 Jul, 2014 09:23am
137 Replies
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