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Recent Forum Posts

Tile upgrade
Hi if you go to coral homes general thread everyone will answer your questions, for memory I think for the walls in the ensuite to 2100 and same in main bathroom it was around $800 to be honest I didn't really look to hard I…
21 Jan, 2017 07:51am
3 Replies
Who is building with Beechwood
Started the form up yesterday and when the storms came through they still kept working. Thankfully my wife found a little mistake that the plans the poor concrete supervisor was using was an old set. Somehow the office passed the wrong plans. At least it's…
21 Jan, 2017 07:37am
14,396 Replies
Building Metricon Glendale 39 in Melbourne North
I received a pretty disappointing email from my CSC today , the two changes we had requested - moving the refridgeration out of pantry and window splashback. CSC replied that these 2 would be done post contract so it wouldn't be reflected in the plans…
M and TM and T
21 Jan, 2017 07:21am
79 Replies
Charlibear's Build with GJ Gardner
Hahaha I had 15 photos ready to upload of my sort but thought it was excessive, that's why I wrote sorry for the overload but forgot to take it out when I deleted the other 10 photos Hubby is in Melbourne, I think I…
21 Jan, 2017 07:07am
1,955 Replies
Our first build: "Bridgewater" by Gj's Shoalhaven
I can help with the retaining wall if you like. What is the complete length? What you want to do if you can is put in a stick each end and a simple string at the height you want it. You can buy a spirit…
21 Jan, 2017 01:33am
954 Replies
Ventura Cowaramup Lodge Darling Downs
Any updates on your build nicjam? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Just been away down South for a holiday with the family. Couple of updates, firstly the location of the ATU provided by the land developer was no good as it is too close to the…
21 Jan, 2017 01:00am
25 Replies
Advice needed - what stage to do independant inspection?
We're doing four inspections -- plate height (double brick walls completely up), roof structure completed, lock up and PCI. Construction methods are a bit different on your build to ours so I'm not going to comment on that but after a few issues with our…
21 Jan, 2017 12:55am
1 Reply
Our new family home Metricon Metro 32 QLD
Hi Beac, I've just had a read through your whole thread (took awhile phew!) and its so nice seeing another narrower lot build (our block is 12.62m frontage). You've got completely different taste to me but I absolutely LOVE all your choices, everything looks great…
21 Jan, 2017 12:27am
414 Replies
OB in SA
coming along nicely! the rooms are very spacious and open... Cheers Reg! Cannot wait though for your big reveals now that your tradies are all back and all hands on deck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
21 Jan, 2017 12:19am
457 Replies
Our Acacia34 by Orbit Homes
So this is it. Our house plans. No more changes now. This is where we will live for many, many years to come.Image
20 Jan, 2017 11:59pm
28 Replies
Masterton Homes - The next thread 4.0
Yes, I have the tile named Cement they big square ones what are yours called but tilers put them how they thought which was different to how I saw them at Dons Tiles.I disputed it which delayed my build 2 weeks they argued the…
20 Jan, 2017 11:31pm
13,137 Replies
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