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Kitchen Meltdown!!!!! HELP
Thanks Lilmsreno - thats a good tip too. I never considered that the white may discolour. i do LOVE white kitchens, but only if they are nicely detailed like: Link i just fear that if i chose the white it would look SO cheap because its all…
22 Oct, 2014 04:23pm
2 Replies
Leanne's Baldivis Build - WIR pg142
Hi Leanne. I've looked through your build (and blog) many times for inspiration and months later I still! Well done, beautiful job. Could I ask how about your vinyl DH is set on tiles but I really want vinyl planks. Do you see scratches?…
22 Oct, 2014 04:14pm
2,890 Replies
Simonds Sierra in SA - Keys today!
Awww Thanks for all the love everyone! deluxes - you are amazing! Just looked at page one and saw your timeline which you updated on the key collection day) and all those lovely links you have to shortcut people to the…
22 Oct, 2014 04:07pm
1,471 Replies
Building in Brooks Reach - Community Thread
We had to get rid over everything from the back before we have our driveway poured. The bob cat worked overtime with getting everything out and them putting in some top soil for us. Once the driveway is poured which hopefully will be by…
K + JK + J
22 Oct, 2014 03:59pm
3,949 Replies
Redink Battleaxe - got brickie....
That is good news. In the end probably would have taken the same amount of time, waiting is just a pain. And totally better to have quality job done right the first time. Yes indeed! I was having quite the pity party for myself last…
22 Oct, 2014 03:42pm
263 Replies
Masterton Homes - The next thread 4.0
216 for the IXL thingy, is that installed? That's actually really reasonable, it wouldn't be much less than that to do post handover! Has anyone already done a price comparison? Yep, thats installed. We included them at our electrical appointment...... that was nearly a year ago…
22 Oct, 2014 03:13pm
2,338 Replies
McDonald Jones Homes - The new thread
Electricity bill during construction? When does the first bill arrive? Finally got this sorted out. About 2 weeks ago I rang Origin to find out where the bill was. They couldn't find any account. I thought this was weird as someone from Origin rang me in April…
22 Oct, 2014 02:37pm
7,432 Replies
Summit build in the South West - Tiling starts tomorrow!
Thanks Dee! Our tiler has disappeared for a couple of days to finish another job. Getiing there slowly, but thankful he is so cruisy as he is happy to accomodate small changes here and there. We are having a 250mm gap either side of the…
22 Oct, 2014 02:34pm
592 Replies
New home custom build - does this facade look good to yo
I really like it too, I think it looks fantastic. My only concern is the brick and the stone might clash/be too busy... just be careful when chosing your bricks. But then again I'm not a fan of bricks, I would rather have that…
22 Oct, 2014 02:02pm
5 Replies
Sharon's Build HGWA- -------------- <3 ----------------
That is fantastic!! At last!! It was like squeezing blood out a stone! Not long to go then, just a few sleeps )
22 Oct, 2014 01:53pm
1,587 Replies
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