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Recent Forum Posts

Henley Monaco Nouveau Q1 - The Eyrie Laurimar
We haven't had any issues with getting trades access but our flooring guy hasn't needed to go in, he measured off the plan then they add an extra box or two of boards. We also had the skirting put on and the flooring people will…
02 Mar, 2015 12:30am
426 Replies
Sahara Q1 - Final Stage started
Our tiler was working today on Sunday. It was a big surprise for me. We discussed misaligned tiles on the back and left hand side of bath tub with him. He acknowledged this as an issue and promised to fix it on his next trip (hopefully…
02 Mar, 2015 12:03am
1,390 Replies
The CARLISLE HOMES & SPECTRA General Information Thread
Has anyone had a quote from Carlisle to extend the island bench 'stool space' out so you have more room to pop your knees under and more island space? Just wondering how much they usually charge (going to ask for a quote next week anyways)…
01 Mar, 2015 11:31pm
5,829 Replies
Providence, Wellard - Bathroom tiling commenced
Ooh Aimee,hope they do it for you, just looked at mine and its not mitred sales lady said nothing about this, makes me my builder will charge the variation fee..Hope they sort out the crack as well..Hope things move in a more positive…
01 Mar, 2015 11:17pm
348 Replies
Building with Visionone in Aveley - Site Clean
Looking good Hootie! Hope the slab cracks turn out to be nothing to worry about. We're on a similar timeline Thanks trixee, we are very excited to be progressing. Congrats on your slab! So nice to get to that stage isn't it?
01 Mar, 2015 11:00pm
115 Replies
Baldivis build - Construction!!
How exciting!! What pool company did you go with? We are almost at handover and only a couple of weeks ago we decided to buy a pool... Just got the call a few days ago from the engineers, the area is fine for a pool…
01 Mar, 2015 10:55pm
4 Replies
Our Smart Homes Build Paradiso Estate Baldivis
We picked the deep anthracite velour finish (spelling?) originally picked for our kitchen... We were going for a gloss up the top and a matte down the bottom. But then we ended up with a variation and changed to shiny at the bottom but we…
01 Mar, 2015 10:53pm
222 Replies
Who else is building at Oran Park?
Hi Jul33m1 Amazing pics. Its looking fab.... how are coral homes? Looking at your posts they seem to be quick. Still please share there feedback in terms of customer service and build quality.
01 Mar, 2015 10:45pm
3,752 Replies
Simonds Harcrest - Adelaide Build
Oh, there are no Harcrest displays at all! We really didn't like the decor in the Avalon we saw today. But it was good to walk through it to 'try it on'. We got soaked. Hit by lightening, gale-force winds and heavy rain after four…
01 Mar, 2015 09:41pm
30 Replies
First Home -Aussie Living AMBERTON (Doors on!!)
Very exciting! Coming along nicely now. The next 8-10 weeks will fly by. I can say that now I'm nearing the end haha Glad you think it goes fast. I hope mine feels the same, I am so excited that you are only less than 2…
01 Mar, 2015 09:36pm
174 Replies
Our Rivello build in Ellenbrook with HGWA - Roof Frames
Roof looks like its going to look massive. Its amazing how each baby step it looks mor like a house. Looking forward to seeing your roof going on.
01 Mar, 2015 09:27pm
82 Replies
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