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Dream Metricon Glendale 38 (Sydney)!
Thanks god the tiles are starting! This is brilliant news!! Don't worry, tilers come in all shapes and sizes and vans lol meet my tiler today- turned up in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, tailored pants, a YSL belt and dress shoes LOL! Let's just…
21 Oct, 2016 11:39pm
3,458 Replies
Our first build
Love all the bAthwear and all of the chairs are gorgeous! It does get exciting when you start buying things for your new home and thinking about having them delivered, doesn't it!? Except for the part when I remember that PAX IKEA wardrobes are part…
21 Oct, 2016 11:32pm
1,389 Replies
GJ Gardner Mandalay 338
I love the way your home surrounds that gorgeous courtyard! Super envious! C U S T O M. C O R A L. B R O N T E. 43 Link
21 Oct, 2016 11:30pm
358 Replies
OB Project - "New vs Old" - Nedlands, WA
The light switches are beautiful and complement your home perfectly! Glad you can toss the candles! Looking forward to seeing your landscape plan come to life C U S T O M. C O R A L. B R O N T E. 43 Link
21 Oct, 2016 10:46pm
408 Replies
building at seaford meadows
"Innuendos?" she exclaimed, innocently. Saw your hole in the ground, buildingnanna - much more thrilling in real life! Hubby wanted to know why I was bouncing in the seat and making ooh ooh noises. I told him it was because humans are closely related to apes,…
21 Oct, 2016 10:18pm
130 Replies
Building with Simonds in Adelaide
Well, whatever else happens, there will be no chocolate shortages, so... sorted! Chocolate is the best psychotherapist in town. I needed it today - finished the Christmas shopping.....uuuurrrrgghhh. I hope that all this hoo-ha means that once you are in your lovely tasteful home, everything will be smooth…
21 Oct, 2016 10:13pm
432 Replies
Coral Homes general build thread
Hi all is there a price list for clipsal? There's a Clipsal app you can download for a rough guide but here's my selection. This was done a year ago so may have since changed a little Each owner supplied light regardless of whether it's a…
21 Oct, 2016 10:10pm
5,842 Replies
New Building Seaford Meadows SA
0MG! Looking at council, we have jumped thru hoops, and are nearly!! The application jumped up several steps just today. Not that we check daily, or anything!
21 Oct, 2016 10:03pm
209 Replies
Williams Designer Homes build, West Wallsend NSW - Footi
How's yours going to look Reg? I mean, my build is like slab and then frame and then brick wall but your build starting with the brick wall Ahh yeah, Tony was keen on building Matt a man cave under the house first
21 Oct, 2016 09:59pm
312 Replies
Custom Coral Bronte 43- Voids are revealed!: wk 43/40
Omg those voids are amazing! It is exciting to see progress with your build. Can't wait to see the tiles go in viewtopic.php?t=78985 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
21 Oct, 2016 09:35pm
1,787 Replies
Our Ashford Homes Build - the beginning...
I called them today.. Again lol I warn you they are not very helpful over the phone and will just tell you to email to them to the Newstart customers address. they told me today they have put a statement on their website and to…
21 Oct, 2016 09:25pm
59 Replies
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