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You can make your outdoor space into your favourite spot away from your usual weekday chaos. Here are some ideas to inspire you.
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Happy Easter Sale 20% off Roller Blinds 10% off Panel Glide Blinds 10% off Roman Blinds (excludes express roller blinds)
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Australian Outdoor Living’s founder and director, Colin Kuchel, steps down and hands the reigns over to Chris Taylor who has accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
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Taking the guess work out of the process, Chateau provides an in-depth look at the process of working with a custom home builder, from the concept and home design stage…
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Recent Forum Posts

Building a Waldorf or Marriot by Porter Davis
It may surprise people to know that I can't stand watching the block. It is not the people or what they do that I have a problem with, what I have a major problem with the is money side of things. The majority of people…
21 Apr, 2014 05:44pm
2,902 Replies
Granite pavers over concrete
There is some advice about finished levels (after the pavers have been laid) here ... ve-ground/ Laying slabs over existing concrete I would tend to use mortar. Best thing is to lay the concrete with joint spacing to suit the slab size.
21 Apr, 2014 03:17pm
2 Replies
Fail photos
Have not got a photo but I came across a two storey BV house all bricked up and tiled roof on but the frame did not have one single brace in it downstairs or upstair, still don't know how it didn't fall over.
21 Apr, 2014 02:26pm
5 Replies
Our Half Acre Heaven- Painting completed
Out of curiosity, how do you control the mozzies in your ponds? I know you can get the right fish, but I'm unsure how effective that is as I'm quite sensitive to bites. Well, the fish should take care of any mozzies....We had 2 koi, a…
21 Apr, 2014 02:16pm
451 Replies
Last chance inspection- who cares?
Last week i was called back to the home that I inspected pre handover 2 years ago. Owner said it begun to crack and was worried about slab heave. This is what I found: Link Although surface drainage was poor it did not seem to have caused this…
21 Apr, 2014 01:55pm
0 Replies
A custom build in Hammond Heights - walls started.
Yay for progress!! It can really kill the excitement when nothing happens for extended periods of time, especially if you are visiting daily and seeing nothing. We tried to only visit on weekends to give the builders more time to get something done. Looking really good and…
21 Apr, 2014 12:40pm
63 Replies
Things your BUILDER forgot (lol)
what I notice a lot of is builders not discussing what is missing, or assuming their customer knows what has been removed to bring costs down... quite a few of the people around us were surprised to discover their houses did not have sarking, of course…
21 Apr, 2014 12:16pm
11 Replies
Building in Brooks Reach - Community Thread
All our gyprock has been done. They just now need to do the corners. I believe we will be at lock up by the end of this week. Hopefully the garage door, laundry door and front door are delivered tomorrow.
K + JK + J
21 Apr, 2014 11:57am
2,772 Replies
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