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Recent Forum Posts

KDR Rawson Benham in Sydney
LOL, being true to the spirit of the festive season Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It's either smashing incredible success or crushing hopeless defeat. There is no middle ground! - Calvin and Hobbes
06 Dec, 2016 03:56pm
331 Replies
Williams Designer Homes build, West Wallsend NSW - Roof
That sux about your progress! Did you find out if it was because of the bank? Surely not in that short space of time. There are loads of williams houses popping up everywhere.. maybe they are having trouble getting the trades ? Anything yet this week? Sent from…
06 Dec, 2016 03:54pm
431 Replies
Plantation Homes/ Molto Riviera/ Week 6 Bricks
Its been a busy week already and its only Tuesday Air con, electrical and plumbing rough in, insulation, doors & windows and best of all bricks have started! Plasterboard even on site waiting. Link Link Link
06 Dec, 2016 03:54pm
44 Replies
Looking for a Wideline awning window..
i want to tell you that if you are looking for suggestion for your window solution than you can also call for any window installer for checking it, that can give the better answer and more better suggestions.
06 Dec, 2016 03:51pm
5 Replies
Ryalls - Coral Homes Noosa 26 - Week 29!!
New PCI date Tuesday 13th Dec at 1.30pm.. Fingers and toes crossed! I think it should be all good this time. Got an email from our bank today saying they are ready to pay whenever we let them know.. Yay one less thing to worry about. SS…
06 Dec, 2016 03:50pm
2,126 Replies
Bay Window Leaking
This problem is not only with you but many people already facing this problem. This is a common problem that can be happen with any type of window but don't worry if you can find this leakage that from where its dropping so you can…
06 Dec, 2016 03:47pm
1 Reply
Our first build northern NSW with coral homes
Saw our ss! Hes very laid back but seems quite organised. Little slow with contact but im ok with that. He got capital letters in the 2nd email i sent about meeting with him and wrote back asap! Poor guy is super busy up here…
06 Dec, 2016 03:32pm
141 Replies
Mightily Modified Metford 33
Great news. They usually email you an interim occupation certificate as things like the drainage and landscaping needs final approval from both the hydraulic engineer and also the certifier/council planner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Let's hope it all runs smoothly Sent from my iPhone using…
06 Dec, 2016 02:50pm
172 Replies
Lilly Pilly dying in same area
Yep. That's the one. If your planning to pull out the ones that are struggling, check out the root ball and the surrounding soil for grubs or any other evidence for root damage. Alternatively, you can get professor Mac's 3in1 which will help kill grub,…
06 Dec, 2016 02:37pm
3 Replies
Building the Bella with Homes by CMA in North Harbour, S
Hi, we have just paid our deposit to build with CMA in Stone Ridge. I'm excited to hear about your colour appointment so I know what to expect. Do they have a decorator available for advice? Thanks Congratulations, I've been so happy with my experience so far,…
06 Dec, 2016 02:20pm
41 Replies
Who is building with Beechwood
Got our final invoice today.Happy to report that our build came in under the initial contract price including the variations along the way. So not only were we expecting to shell out around $3.5k from our own pockets from the variations, the bank have to…
06 Dec, 2016 01:43pm
14,164 Replies
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