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4 months4 monthsponzutwoponzutwo posted:
In this forum we often rightly criticise builders....

love a good drama. This looks promising. Shame bimboy isnt around to offer you some sage advice on how you coud have avoided all this with some BIM.

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5 months5 monthsponzutwoponzutwo posted:
Growth regulator for eucalypts

you cant. The only real regulation of growth is cutting them. Though theres probably better erosion solutions in way of smaller plants, but thats a long term solution. Also I'm…

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5 months5 monthsNorfolkNorfolk posted:
OWNIT Homes - Any experience?

MM17 do not believe any Builder’s anonymous 4 or 5 star reviews on product review. Be suspicious of comments on any anonymous forum.…

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5 months5 monthsAshington HomesAshington Homes posted:
Beacon Lighting 20% Discount

Hi Everyone,
I finally signed up for a trade account at Beacon, and it allows me to refer people for a 20% discount.
One of my clients put me onto this…

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6 months6 monthsAshington HomesAshington Homes posted:
I often get asked if now is a good time to build

I will try and sit down in the next few days and analyse them and then post a report :)

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8 months8 monthsRustedOnRustedOn posted:
New house build - Passive House

Yes, this was my whole point - you install vapour permeable barrier in front of much less permeable OSB layer, effectively, shutting down this barrier and causing vapour accumulation and…

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9 months9 monthschippychippy posted:
Aggregate vs Pavers around a new build

In much of Perth we build on the coastal plain and as such we are on sand. We have an ant called the western coastal brown ant that just loves…

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9 months9 monthsponzutwoponzutwo posted:
Clause 37 - HIA contract - defects and Final Payment

Ive explained this in other threads recently.
The final payment hinges on the contract definition of completion. It wil be words to the effect of “built to plans and specifications”.

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9 months9 monthsponzutwoponzutwo posted:
How I lost $100,000 and why I will never use steel frames

Well Simeon, if you'd just gotten BIM, data and proofs, you'd have avoided a 100k loss 😆

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1 year1 yearPulsePulse posted:
Running services in a single trench

Yep you can run it all in the trench spaced out. It is in all the appropriate standard documents. Trench is 600mm deep for power. The rest is installed above…

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1 year1 yearbuilding-expertbuilding-expert posted:
Pre-plaster inspection blocked

The owner is not only entitled to have the job well done but also the comfort that it is so. No comfort here.

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1 year1 yearStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
Best features in a new home

Top of the list is it's finished to fair Standard and reasonably price!

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2 years2 yearsNonameNoname posted:
Movement-Doors catching.

i wouldn't worry if you have no cracks. Often things aren't hung perfectly square, so the slightest movement and presto, your doors are catching. Most doors will have a…

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2 years2 yearssifntdazsifntdaz posted:
Block rocked by home building crisis

did you tell them to:
"Get their own design copyright on the plans and preliminary engineering, data and estimate .
Then provide this information to 3 builders to quote, as soon as…

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2 years2 yearsstrannikstrannik posted:
Can we still go ahead with Metricon

there's a good chance that when you get the HIA contract eventually, the price in it will be higher than what you have been quoted so far

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2 years2 yearswixywixy posted:
Adding eaves to facade = shorter external walls ?

That sounds exactly what I would like to achieve. Hopefully the builder comes to the party.

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2 years2 yearsNonameNoname posted:
Energy Efficient Home - What Type of Builder?

you can have a volume builder build a higher energy efficiency home. You just have to choose the upgrades, and some preferred upgrades may not be available.
ie a volume…

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2 years2 yearsNonameNoname posted:
Builder has not included details and wants signatures

Don't get too hung up on Bimboys comments, he's an alarmist and often suggests unrealistic courses of action to first time builders. Don't get overwhelmed by it.
While there are provisions…

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2 years2 yearsNonameNoname posted:
Is it possible to build cheaper than catalogue homes

you mean the materials which even builders with direct supplier contracts and relationships cant get or have to pay a 30% premium on?
Or do you mean building from cardboard…

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2 years2 yearsContracts-SpecialistContracts-Specialist posted:
Building price increases

Hi Misschilli
It’s hard to tell when supply will normalize. A guesstimate is material supplies will continue to trickle in at these…

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