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11 months11 monthsSaveH2OSaveH2O posted:
Conflict of Interest

That is scandalous.
I'll check this thread when I wake up in the morning to make sure it is real.

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11 months11 monthschippychippy posted:
Are these frames green or blue?

The treatment on the pine is LOSP treatment. That's H2 level that gives you termite resistance in protected situations like framing.
H3 treatment impregnates right through the timber and is far…

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11 months11 monthsarcadeltarcadelt posted:
Sparking power switch- new

Then absolutely you should call back the builder to fix a sparking switch or power point. You have a seven year warranty.

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11 months11 monthsAlthomAlthom posted:
Venting toilet and bathroom

Bit of both

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11 months11 monthsMelosMelos posted:
Bath moved! Value of private inspection?

We had a private inspection done prehandover it was absolutely worth it. They found things we didn’t know to look for. That said we had no major issues.

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11 months11 monthsIamSAMIamSAM posted:
Termite Management Notice

Check inside the electric meter box...

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11 months11 monthsSejaeDSejaeD posted:
Termite Management Notice

they generally do electrical box and kitchen so sounds like you looked in the right place

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11 months11 monthsarcadeltarcadelt posted:
Silly question probably....

That's great. Enjoy your new cooktop.

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11 months11 monthsMike8136Mike8136 posted:
Drainage issues - don't know where to start

So sorry to hear about all these problems. It's he last thing you want in retirement.
You are required to "landscape" water away from the house, so don't fear being…

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