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2 months2 monthsbestspecialsbestspecials posted:
Render patchy

I have added 2 photos of our house - one before painting
and one after painting
Our render looked exactly like yours before painting. I hope this puts your mind at ease..

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2 months2 monthsdarb74darb74 posted:
sarking required between garage walls and house

Yep wall batts should be installed in two walls between your house and garage. The R value will depend on your contract and energy rating requirements. We have…

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3 months3 monthsStructuralBIMGuyStructuralBIMGuy posted:
Builder demands $201,118 for non compliant defective work

Contact your local member for parliament
It's just not right that there are calls for investigations and a royal commission into High rise…

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3 months3 monthsMamzMamz posted:
How often do you visit your site?

Brilliant idea!
I have a couple of questions:
a) how do you connect to it and
b) how do you stop it from getting stolen? is it discreetly…

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3 months3 monthsGreenwoods2309Greenwoods2309 posted:
Simonds Palisade in Adelaide

Hey guys,
It has been quite a journey, but we are well on our way to building our first and dream home this year, with Simonds.
We initially signed our Sales Advice…

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5 months5 monthsbrokenstickbrokenstick posted:
Review color selections for single storied home

The color is usually mixed into the render, so it doesn't need painting. They can do any color. Are you sure that is not what they mean? I think it…

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7 months7 monthsfleabee86fleabee86 posted:
First Home :) Building with Dixon Homes

Our soon to be home
Our block
House pad
House footings 7/4/17
Plumbing and meter box 11/04/17

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11 months11 monthsbuilding-expertbuilding-expert posted:
Review standard inclusions provided by builder

You should always negotiate on price regardless of your perceived chance of success because you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take and you never know your luck,…

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